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sian 1 - March 1

well here is my due date and i am 3 cm lost absolutely loads of bloody show and mucus plug over the last week and a half but still nothing is happening i hate living in england there is so much red tape they will not induce me for another 10 days so it looks like i have to wait . i am so tired i am averaging about 3 hours sleep a night due to strong but not quite there contractions !! i am so fed up i want this baby out !! any one else feeling it now ?


Natpink - March 1

I know just how your feeling, i am also due today, but i have had nothing to indercate that i will be starting any time soon. as far as am aware i haven't even started to lose my mucus plug, I really am fed up, and just want to have this baby. well good luck, will have to keep posting until something happens, whenever that may be.


sian 1 - March 1

any one else ?? how long do you all think i have to wait now ??


missycc4 - March 1

I was due Feb 24th but my Dr moved my due date to March 17th. because the baby was small at my 20 week ultrasound. Had a ultrasound today and the baby is weighing in at 8lbs6oz, my Dr won't move the due date back to Feb. I'm very unhappy with her right now. My husband is to because if I go another two weeks I'll be having a good 9-10 lb baby. My daughter was 9 pounds and she was born at 37 weeks. I'm doing alot of walking now. I want her out.


sian 1 - March 1



DDT - March 1

In my experience (had my DS 17th Feb) I started having cramps at 4am and then very small amount of blood streaks in CM around 6:30am...contractions started coming 2-3mins apart right after that...went to the hospital at 9am...have you told your doc about the bloody show? I continued having my bloody show until around 11-12pm ...it increased in amount over that time...


sian 1 - March 1

yes i have told them i have had my membranes stripped four times in the last four days and nothing is happening i am contracting quite frequently and they are strong they just dont get any stronger !! first bloody bit of show was on mon morning and i have been loosing it since however it is not bloody any more i swear i have lost handfulls of the stuff !! sorry tmi !!


Cevvin - March 2

try some nipple stimulation to get the contractions going a bit.



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