Due Today And Need Help

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0x0xAudreyx0x0 - February 6

hey everyone im due today and i just got back from a doc appt. she said my cervix was closed and that she doesnt think ima have the baby today she told me a lot of women use castor oil but i was wondering if there is anything else i can use or due so that the baby comes on time.. i really want her out shes hurting me really bad


izechsmama - February 6

your dr wont induce? i personally would never try castor oil... i know you can try raspberry leaf tea, and s_x... but i heard walking and walking and walking is what will do it... Good luck!


tndrlvn - February 6

so you have an excersize ball?? i know when i had my girl......i had contractions for a week straight of 5 min apart........after the 6th day i started using the ball......rolling on it....bouncin a bit........i did that for a few hours and that night i went into labour........also warm baths help


rrc - February 6

my mom was two weeks late with my brother, so she went on a 10 mile bicycle ride. Her water broke and she had my brother that night! :) Best of luck! :)


jennifer_33106 - February 6

RRC you make me want to go out and ride a bicycle. haha I was reading that the baby's body produces a horomone that secretes form its body that signals to the mothers body that the baby's lungs are mature. With that being said, unless the baby is ready there isnt much you can do. By all means try to get things going. As far as the EDD goes that is not an exact science and many many women go over it. I have heard good things about walking though. I have heard bad stories with the castor oil thing so I am with izechsmama and wouldnt try it personally. Im gonna ask my doctor tomorrow if I can start taking the rasp tea. I have heard s_x is a good thing to try. I personally think that do it yourself inductions more so just pa__s the time then help get labor started. BUT I am willing to try what ever. haha


jenice - February 6

My doctor said something about when it's "that time" (meaning, I guess, once I'm full term), he's going to make sure I'm going, going, going. (Lots of moving around and walking.) So yeah, I'd say walk lots. (which is sooo much easier done than said at this point!) good luck!


sarah21 - February 7

Try some evening primose oil caplets. It sounds nasty but if you put one or two in your v____a when you go to bed, it will help soften the cervix and if nothing else will help you dilate faster once you go into labor.


Gemini_Girl - February 9

Hi Audrey I know how you feel, it is so uncomfortable carrying a fully grown baby around! Im 2 days overdue and my midwife couldnt even reach my cervix ! The thing is all the methods of bringing on labour will only work if you body is ready (and right now yours isnt) Ive thought about trying castor oil my friend swears by it she took 1 spoonfull and went into labour in the early hours of that morning, if it doesnt work you'll just have terrible diarreah. you can end up dehydrated, have a sore bum and be on the toilet all night also there is a rumour that it can make the baby have a bowel movement which is really dangerous, this is supposed to be untrue - but who knows - personally I dont think its worth it!


ash2 - February 12

She actually mentioned castor oil ?? That stuff i dangerous. I would just try s_x and squatting.


Nemo - February 13

I heard its not a good idea to use caster oil... if I were you I would do a bit more research or take further advice before considering this.


treshala - February 13

i heard "walking" works wonders



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