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abby - August 29

what is the earliest that anyone has went? I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my first. I am hoping that I am go at week 38. I know that this sounds bad, but I am so ready to have my little man. I have to go to the doctor once a week for an ultrasound and to the hospital twice a week for an NST. I am so ready, ready, ready!!!!!!!!!


Britt - September 9

Tell me about it!! I'm only 34 weeks and cant wait for the day I give birth! I know its too early but come 37 weeks, I'm drinking the c___p out of that raspberry leaf tea!


Carol - September 9

I think 37 or 38 weeks is considered full term so those weeks would be great for me. I'm only 32 weeks and this pregnancy seems to be going soooooo slow.


Angie - September 9

My sister-in-law had her baby at 33 weeks, my sister at 36 weeks, my cousin at 36 weeks, and my friend at 37 weeks, so anytime is possible.


JJ - September 9

Angie were there any complications with any of those births?


hollyd - September 9

I am just starting my 36th week. My Dr. told me that from this point on he will not stop nature. I have been on meds off and on for several weeks to stop contractions. He said that in his experience that those that go into labor naturally after 35-36 weeks are ready to be born and do not suffer consequences from it. However, he will not even hear of inducing until the 38th.


littlemrsb - September 9

I am 33 wks on Sun. I started having some pretty good cont. last night, but they were far enough apart not to worry... they were just really uncomfortable compared to any BH cont. that I have had so far. Also felt like my baby was pushing down on my cervix. Anyway, they were only 30 sec. long and 20-30 min. apart, but they continued for a few hours. My mom had my brother 7 wks. early and I was 5 wks. early. Our scores were all fine, so I was thinkin' I wonder if this little girl will be here early! I just don't want her to come too early, but I am getting weary too... We're almost there girls!!! ;)


Mindee - September 9

I am 38 weeks and waiting, my first daughter was born at 28 weeks ( way to early) and my second was born at 37 weeks. So this is as far as I have ever made it, and I am more than ready. I went to the dr on wends. and he stripped my membranes, I went back today and he stripped them again and he sd "I wont be suprised if we have this baby this weekend". I hope hes right, he wont do induce until 39 weeks, I dont think I can make it another week. Good Luck to you all!!!!


Angie - September 9

For my sister-in-law, there wasn't any complications, but the baby had to stay in the hospital until she could eat. She didn't start sucking right away, it took her two days. All other totally healthy and went home in 2 days.


Missey - September 9

I had both my children at 38 weeks. Went into labor naturally and they were both healthy, chubby babies. I'm hoping the same for my third..which would mean about 2 weeks to go...I'm so ready ready ready TOO!! LOL


naomi - September 9

My first came at 28 weeks


chel - September 12

My oldest was born at 31 weeks. She spent 3 weeks in Nicu because she was having trouble learning to bottle feed. That was really the only problem she had. She spent 5 or 6 days on extra oxygen though. She did great though. I am 34 weeks and ready to get this baby out. My doctor says anytime after 36 weeks he won't stop labor. Once I hit 36 weeks, I am really going to do anything to get this kid outta me. I am so tired!


Kelly - September 12

Why are you going to the doctors and the hospital so much. I just now am 37 weeks and now I go every week. And to answer your question, every pregnant women wants there baby to come early and as long as it's heathly. And after 37 weeks hes full term. Keep waiting thats all you can do. Good luck


h - September 13

37 weeks is full term . i will be 37 weeks on thursday and have been hoping she stays in there that long. i was in the hospiral over this last weekend and in labor but the doctor decided to give me a few shots to stop the contractions . the next morning i had a sono and she was only 5 pd's 7 oz''s and i was 36 weeks and 2 days so i hope she gains at least 9 more oz's before she trys to come again


abby - September 13

I am now in my 37th week. I am currently going to the doctor once a week for a regular check up, once a week for an ultrasound and bi-weekly for NST's at the hospital. I am still working 40 hours a week to. I am so tired. The doctor told me that they may consider inducting me. I really think that I will pa__s out and die if they don't.



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