Early Dialation

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Demonica - December 11

I went to my 36 week appt., and my doctor was very pleased to announce, that I am already 2 cm dialated. I am pleased, hoping that this will make labor easier..but also concerned. Any info?


stephanie - December 11

Not sure about the info, I was wondering the same thing, because I am 1 cm & only almost 32 weeks. I'm sorry I can't help you, everyone I've talked to hasn't been able to help me out with it at all, but the dr didn't seem concerened & by the sounds of it neither did yours, so don't worry just thing it's 2 less cm that you'll have to go thru that day, just take it easy & off ur feet some, cause that'll progress it


Demonica - December 12

thanks..good luck as well. wed is my 37 week appt. i will update you.


Christine - December 13

You are both fine...and it is perfectly normal to dialate early...I was one cm dialated for quite a while before both of my daughters...I think they say up to 3 cm is normal...Stephanie..why did they check you so early?...32 weeks they usually dont do inner exams (so I thought)....unless you start any contractions...excluding braxton hicks...dont worry...good luck


stephanie - December 13

christine..they did it @ the hospital when I went in because they couldn't figure out where the pain was coming from & there were small contractions showing up on the monitor, it was my obgyn working that day so he checked me to make sure that it wasn't any further then one cm, he was being causious, I live a ways from the hospital so he wanted to make sure everything was where it should be before he would allow me to leave the hospital


Christine - December 14

That makes sense...I think that you will be perfectly fine though...a couple more days and your considered full term...baby's born even at 36 weeks are generally healthy and usually only need an extra day or two just to be cautious...good luck..I'm sure everything will go fine..


demonica - December 14

thanks christine, i am soo paranoid about giving birth early now....its neurosis..we will be perfect, and baby wil come when she wants to.


cc - January 12

I am also 2 cm at 35 weeks and have a girlfriend who is 3 cm at 35 weeks also - she has not had her baby yet even though she was warned she may have it before chrismas....unless they get painfully regular it is normal. I was prescibed a pill to take if they get too strong to fend off the contractions for a least as long as possible although I don't think I will take it as they said has the affect of drinking 5 cups of coffee and you can not sleep....


Des - January 18

In this very good baby book I have called girlfriends guide to pregnancy she says there are thousands of pregnant people walking around 3cm dialated and stay that way for months, but again every pregnancy has its own pase. If docs not worried I wouldn't.


Naomi - January 18

I am just starting my 7th month (tomarrow) I am already dialated a finger tip. I wouldn't start to worry until the doctor says you are 5 cm dialated and they want you to go to the hospital. they did that with my last as i was 5 cm dialated for a week, the doctor was concerned because she could feel me having contractions but i was not feeling them. all I knew was that i couldn't get out of bed with out feeling like i was ripping everything out of me. You will be fine. I was only in hard labor for an hour and a half with my 6 yr old and 5 hours and 45 min with my 8 year old. I LOVED IT! especially when my mom told me the horror stories about how she was in labor for me for 39 1/2 hours and carried me an extra month! I was supposed to be born January 6th and I didn't come until february 12! hehehe


Angela - August 25

My daughter is 22 weeks along. her doctor told her she was 1cm dialated



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