Early Dilation

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Ash - April 15

Depending on who you ask (my ob or the maternal specialist), I'm either 27 1/2 or 29 weeks along. At my exam yesterday my doctor noticed that I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. (I went in because I noticed fluid on my undies and I was a little concerned.) What a shock! I had to have my first two induced because they wouldn't come out. So it was off to the hospital for a shot of steroids. Has anyone else gone through this? I'm just wondering how easy I should be taking it. I have two kids to tend to and a full-time job (though I won't miss that so much). Thanks!


Jenny - April 15

I too had complications around the week 33. I had to have the steroid shot and everything. Everything seems fine now but you should really take it easy...go on limited best rest (if your doctor permits) that means no work and no heavy lifting. That would be best. Good Luck.


lynn - April 17

I was put in the hospital at 29 weeks and told that I was 75% effaced and gave me the steroid shots. They sent me home and put me on bed rest. I am now 38 weeks and still waiting. I haven't really been on bedrest and it has had no effect. The only thing I noticed is that after the steroid shots I have an extremely active baby in my stomach. Good luck I think you will be ok and if the baby decides to come early the steroid shots really do help!


Corrina - April 17

you can be 1cm for 2 months in some cases and it poses no particular threat. I was that way with all three of my previous pregnancies, the first one was 2 wks late, 2nd was 10 days late, the third born the day after his due date. I am currently 31 wks preg and have been 2 cm for a week (that we know if) and had bloody show and irregular contractions. They don't expect me to go into labor because you have to have numerous other factors in place before that can happen. The steroids are a precaution, work very well to help with stimulation of the fetus lungs, a baby is viable at 28 wks and can usually breath with little or no complications by 30 wks.


Candace - April 22

I always dilate early, and have found it to be a real blessing in both of my last two deliveries. I was 5 cm for the entire last month of my first pregnancy, and 1 cm beginning at 30 weeks w/ my second. by the time I was in my last month, I was at my doctor appt., and was 5. I went walking for a couple of hours at the mall, and couldn't time the contractions in the middle of the night b/c they were back to back. I still had no pain, and called the doc, who told me to come on in. By the time I got to the hospital, I was 8 cm, and still had no pain. Considering 75% of your labor is getting to 5, I found it to be very helpful in my 2nd delivery, in which I began pushing at 10:15, and she came out at 10:30!


me - April 26

Candace-you were working that girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW


Heidi - April 29

I am pregnant for the second time, and dilating at the same rate as with my first child. I went it at 36 weeks and was 1 cm dilated. Then slowly over the last four weeks, I dilated to 4 cm. and completely effaced. I am at 38 weeks now and I am 2 1/2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My first son was born 2 days after his due date. I induced him. My labor with him was 8 hours with 2 1/2 hours pushing and was painful (I guess I'm not lucky like Candace, wow girl!) I chose to induce because with the dilation and the baby's head dropping so low in position, I was in constant pain. I hope this baby will come a little sooner and I won't have to deal with all the pressure for long.



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