Early June Moms Compare Notes

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Jenn2 - May 8

My due date is June 8th, so I have 4 weeks until my due date (even though I would love her to come a week early). Since we are getting to that stage where we will start getting internals and then having our babies. I want us to compare notes when you have your doc appointments. I went in today and my doc did the strep b test. I will be going back next tuesday for my first internal. Has anyone had an internal yet, any dialation?


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 8

Hi, I'm due June 4th, so pretty much around the same time as you, although I would like him to come a bit early as well (38-39 wks), but we shall see..Yeah, I had some internals already, it looks like there is some external dilation and my cervix is softening. My doc did say, however, that all this doesn't necessarily mean anything and judging by my CTG I had done this morning, baby has no intention of making an appearance any time too soon (or so I hope!) I'm also scheduled for my last u/s either this week or next, I can't wait...It's actually funny to think that in 2 wks time, he will actually be full term, so from then on, I'll really have to be ready in every sense of the word! Is your bag packed already, nursery done, all those things? Do you feel like you are ready??


HH - May 8

Hi, I'm due June 6, between the both of you :-) Since at my last checkup my ds was still breech, I have a c-section scheduled for June 5 which I'm hoping I won't have to go through. Other than that, I have my next checkup this Wednesday during which I'll do the Strep B test (not sure about internal though). Nursery is done, big things are bought, just need some more newborn cloths and pack my bag..and the baby's too. Best of luck to all early June mommies!


eli83 - May 8

Hi,I'm due June 6th. I can't wait to see my baby . I have an appointment on Wednesday which my doc will tell me if I have GBS or not. I did the test last week. I also had my internal and it didn't hurt at all , you just feel something cold inside you. Good Luck


Jenn2 - May 8

I have not packed my bag yet....I was going to in the next week sometime. My shower is this coming up weekend. Its a little late, but I am pretty sure I will make it that far. I honestly am ready to have my little girl. I feel like there is so much leading up to having her that I am just ready to do it by now. Our nursery is finished too. I am finding that in these last few weeks I am having no patience with friends/family who make comments about "whats going to happen" and "what I am in for" etc. Even though it is usually in good humor.....this will be my first child, and I am a little nervous about how my life will change. I'm sure that is normal, and if you are on your second child....you may not feel this way as much b/c you've been through it, and know what to expect.


AML - May 8

Hello! I am due June 2....people usually look at me and laugh when I say that! haha! I'm not sure If I'll make it that far! I go Wednesday for my first internal....hopefully some progress! I am taking/inserting Evevning Primrose Oil Capsules.....Hope they are helping! I have been experiencing some slight cramps and some major shooting pains! I am soooooooo ready!


Jenn - May 8

Hi ladies! I am having a scheduled c section on June first and I hope I go into labor before then!! I have been having some intense BH contractions since last wednesday-but I don't think I am shedding my plug yet. :( I haven't packed my bag yet-I have to pack for my son too cause he'll be staying at my MIL house for the hospital stay. I have my first internal on thursday morning and my doc decided to go ahead and do the GB strep test. But I feel ready!!!! Anyone having tons of pressure down there? sometimes I feel like he's just going to fall out!!


AML - May 8

PRESSURE! YES!!!!! Every step I take I feel like he is going to fall out! I need to pack my bag too! Hopefully he comes SOON!!!


Chrissy - May 8

Hi Girls! I'm due June1st, but find out Wed if he'll induce due to high BP and low amnio fluid. Last week he told me he's considering it. I 'll be 37 weeks this Thurs. Weird though he hasn't done the group b strep test though, said I'll have it Wed. How long does it take to get results back? I wouldn't think he would induce without the results, unless he would just automatically put me on antibiotics, which I hope not because I don't want them if I don't need them! I have been almost fully effaced for a month and a half now but that's because I have an incompetent cervix. Not sure about dilation though. Maybe I'll know Wed. I'll let you all know what I find out. Jenn2 I totally agree about people commenting about life changing etc, it is getting so annoying. As if we havent figured that out that a child will change our lives. My MIL (who I don't like anyway) said to me yesterday oh you'll be soo tired! I was like, I already AM tired! What will be so different? I only sleep 30 min at a time now, it can't get much worse than that! I know I am soooo sick of people preaching about how much my life will change. That was sortof the plan when me and hubby decided to have a baby!


AML - May 8

My Dr. hasnt done the GB strep test yet....when do they usually do this? And how do they test you for it?


lindsay - May 8

hi, i'm due june 7th. got my gbs test today, but dr. doesn't start internals until 38 weeks or more, so i still have a couple of weeks to see if anything is happening down there. i expressed today that i did not want to be induced unless i was was over 42 weeks but my dr. said she would not let me go past 41 with the type of placenta i have. i guess i'm fine w/ that, certainly don't want to take any risks w/the baby!!!... i just didn't want them to try and do it at like 38-39 weeks because i'm trying to space out the amout of time between my children's birthdays,lol. ha ha --ask me again in a week or two if i feel the same way about going on my own--ha ha i'm planning on going unmedicated this time... we'll see! packed my bag tonight, mostly, just will have to throw in a few last minute things when it is "time" and have to pack stuff for my dd... what plans for birth do the rest of you intend on as of now??


AML - May 8

I dont have any definate plans.....but I do want pain medicine....I prefer something where I can still walk though! I read about "walking epidurals"....I'm going to talk to my Dr. about that!


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 9

Well, I packed my bag as well now - in fact, I got two! I'm sure I'll be the only one with two bags there...The funny thing is, one of them is full of food and my fave treats and chocolate...(I'm not leaving home without that one!;) He is going to be my first also, I'm very excited but also nervous thinking about how I'm going to cope and if I'll be as good a mother as I've always planned on becoming...I'm sure it'll be tough..On the other hand, I hate people commenting on what is or isn't going to happen and what I should or shouldn't be doing, including very close family members, like my grandma..This is my child and my life, so just b___t out!! So, I feel for all of you that have to go through similar experiences...


tlew - May 9

Hey June mommies. Im due June 11th. I had my 1st internal yesterday, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. but it is uncomfortable. Dr. said that my cervix is beginning to open but no dialation. Im just surprised that she did an internal so early. Im only 35 weeks 2days...


Jenn2 - May 10

does anyone know the average for when a woman starts to dialate? I know it is different for everyone, but didn't know if there was a average (say 36 weeks) when most women start to dialate?



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