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Nan - March 3

ok I was put on medication to stop my contractions due to being early. anyone know if after i finish the medication what are the odds that labor and stuff will kick back in?


Melissa - March 3

Odds are good. I would see your care provider as soon as you are close to being done with the medication. Usually when you hit 37 weeks, they will allow you to have the baby.


chelle - March 4

I was on procardia every 4 hours around the clock from 6mons on. Every 3rd hour my contractions would begin again, they never really stopped. I didn't make it to "stop taking the pills" my water broke at 36 weeks and there was no stopping labor. Yes, it will start when you stop taking them. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe they were going to take me off at 38 wks. One thing i was very disappointed in about the pills is that they caused low birth weight. My daughter was 4wks early and only weighed 3lbs 15oz. She was completely developed however b-cuz of the steroid shots so I got to take her home at 3lbs 12oz. It was AMAZING. What medication are you on?


Q - March 4

Hi Ladies!! I have a few questions for ya. I am on procardia (10mg every 6 hours). I had no idea they caused low birth weight!!! I am 32 weeks and at my last appt. I measured at 34 weeks. That freaked me out. I'm now wondering if the procardia will also benefit me by keeping baby's weight down? Chelle, are you sure about the low birth weight thing?? Are there any other side effects for the baby from being on procardia (that you know of)? Also, I read that the steroid shots only last for up to 7 days after they are given.....Has any one else heard this? Let me know if any of you have any answers!!!! Good luck to all!


Nan - March 4

ok from what i could find out for info on procardia, there is nothing about low birth weight. I am on procardia and I am not sure but from what i found it is overall safe. i am sure that there are possibilities of some problems i don't think it has been thourghly researched, i know that they have tested it on animal fetus's but i don't believe there is substantial evidence for human fetus's.


jamie - March 7

I have been put on meds to stop my contractions to but when the medication wears off they come back.Do you have to keep taking the medication?



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