Early Labour

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worried... - March 1

Just wondering, for those people who have had their baby at 35 weeks or known of someone who has - was the baby ok? Breathing etc? I'm 35 weeks in two days and I've been having major contractions, period like pains and feeling really horrid in the stomach like I want to be sick and I'm worried I might go into labour! If the baby was to be born do you think it would be ok? Last visit Dr estimated baby to be almost 6lbs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Amanda R - March 2

Well, depending on the Dr., they generally let you go ahead into labor if your past 34 weeks. Everything I have read says that the chances of survival are excellent after 34 weeks along with very little chance of any permanent problems. Usually by 34 weeks the baby's lungs are well enough developed to function perfectly well outside the uterus. I know I have researched my heart out on this because that is one of my for sure phobias and worries for my pregnancy! I know your worried, but try not to be.


Girl Gilly - March 2

I would check in with your Dr. I had similar symptoms and my Dr. told me to stop working and take it easy. He said it was not necessarily early labour, but my body was definetly getting ready for it. Your Dr will check your cervix to see if it is effaced or dilated (I am not dilated but am 75% effaced and the baby has dropped a bit). They say that the baby is best born after 37 weeks, however, there is likely little chance of the baby not being okay at 35 weeks. I am at 36 weeks and the dr. said that if the baby was born today it would be fine, however, it's best for the baby stay in a bit longer. I think the only thing that is really not fully developed before 37 weeks is the lungs, so the baby may possibly have to be on a respirator. I have heard that there is a higher chance of jaundice, which is not serious. So, see your Dr. and try not to worry too much AND take it easy.


worried - March 2

Thank you so much guys, you have made me feel alot better! I know we all worry about the same stuff - as much as I want to meet this baby I want him/her to cook as long as possible so that it can have the best possible start! I'm trying to take it easier - the pains are still there and I still feel sick but it could be nerves thats making me feel yuck!!



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