Early Pre Labor

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mrose - November 28

I'm not sure if there's a difference in early or pre labor, but I was wondering if this sounds like I may be experiencing either of those...for the past few days I've been getting stronger braxton hicks, more frequent then I had been, not real regular though, then today I have been have menstrual type cramping in my lower back and lower abdomen quite frequently, I've had very loose bowel movements the past few days(tmi...) and when I have to go, I have to go THEN, it's a very urgant thing, been having ALOT of pressure and pain in the va___a area, and I'm almost positive I lost my mucous plug today, it was about the size of a quarter, a big blob of yellowish/clear snot looking stuff....it wasn't blood tinged or anything though. What do you ladies thing? You think it's getting close to time, or do I have this to look foward to for the next 6 weeks? I'm 34wk 2 days.....I have no idea if I'm dialated or effaced at all yet, I haven't had any internal exams.


hayley817 - November 28

hi mrose, you should maybe give your care provider a call, a baby delivered under 37 weeks is cla__sed as premature if your having the pains and maybe lost your muscous plug then its defo something you should do, i wouldnt know labor pains if they kicked me in the face as i had a section with my first, im sorry to be of no help, let us know how you get on but ring to be on the safe side! good luck xx


Buffi R. - November 28

That does sound like something brewing. If you want to try this before calling your doctor, you could drink lots of water and lie down for about an hour and see if the contractions and pains subside. It's possible that your BH contractions and pains are all caused by the loose stools. Dehydration is a major cause of excessive BH contractions, and if you've got an intestinal bug, that could be causing the menstrual like pain. They're hard to tell apart sometimes. It's hard to say if you're going into labor, and that's causing the loose stools, or if the loose stools are causing the other and it's not labor at all. If you are in labor, a change in your position and re-hydrating yourself won't make them go away so that's usually a good test. You can also lose your mucous plug several weeks before going into labor too (it can even grow back). I'm not discouraging you from calling your doctor because I probably would if I were in your situation, but trying the water/lying down thing is another option before calling.


mrose - November 28

thank you ladies for your responses....I went and took a warm shower earlier, that's one thing our birth instructor told us to try, and the pains and everything subsided for awhile, they have recently started back though. I'm going to go drink alot of water and lay down like you suggested and see what happens. Thank you ladies!



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