Eating In The Middle Of The Night And Food Cravings

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candaceann1 - January 31

I am 31 weeks and have only gained 8 pounds so far because I have had severe morning sickness. I have never got up in the middle of the night to eat EVER. I wake up around 3 am STARVING. Does anyone else get up at 3 am to eat?? I have been craving Taco Bell. So today for lunch I drove 8 miles to Taco Bell and their credit card machines were down. I never carry cash. I was so upset I had a mental breakdown. I wanted to beat the c__p out of the workers there. I sped out of their parking lot crying. And went nextdoor to McDonalds, and boy was it nasty. I am not going to be satisfied until I get my Taco Bell. I am scared that if this continues I am really going to pack on alot of weight and be unable to move..


cindernar - January 31

I get up and head straight for the kitchen. If I don't have a granola bar or some M&Ms, I cannot go back to sleep. I don't really eat much more than I did before I got pregnant, except in the middle of the night. Weird. I'm 31 weeks as well. At least we don't have much longer.


Gretta - January 31

Hi Candace - I have had bad morning sickness too. I am 33 weeks and have been waking up at 5:00 am starving for the past couple of weeks!! Baby must be crying for her breakfast. Don't worry about gaining too much - we have to make up for lost time. I have only gained 14 lbs.


crystal74 - January 31

i wake up eating tums but that's due to heartburn. although lately i have been hungry when i go to bed, so i eat a bowl of cereal. that's my favorite


mary b - February 1

In my first trimester i used to wake up so hungrey, that went away up until about a week or so i'm 35 weeks and i wake up very hungry too...but i just chug a bottle of water...that does the trick for me....i understand your Taco Bell cravings....i was in Arizona for Christams and ate the best Mexican Food the country has to offer!! Taco Bell is a good East Coast subst_tute for me....


MAT - February 1

I always have a snack before going to bed AND I get up and eat a full meal in the middle of the night. I haven't actually gained weight (my doc is ok with that - I eat a super-healthy diet and exercise and the baby is growing just fine). I think it is pretty normal to want midnight snacks - the baby is taking a lot of our nutrients now and needs to fed frequently :-)


candaceann1 - February 1

My DH stopped at Taco Bell for me last night, I was so happy.



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