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Julie - August 8

I am 31 weeks and feel like I have been cheating! I have been eating some junk food lately and am feeling guilty. Then I read about women using drugs during pregnancy then I don't feel so bad! I just can't help it cookies and icecream scream my name!


Jen - August 8

Don't worry so much I eat ice cream all the time (i try to buy the light) also I have craved hot dogs through my whole pregnancy. Thet say not to eat them but I still do. I think if you went by every rule you would drive yourself crazy.


Narthax - August 8

Think about it this way this is the only time that you can get away with eating all that stuff that you crave as long as your takeing your vitimins you should be fine indulge a little


Julie - August 8

Thanks! I also have had a few hot dogs and love fries with ketchup!


Jamie - August 9

Keywords in Narthax's post: indulge a LITTLE. I indulged in my need to feed, and have gained 70+ pounds, when I should've only gained around half that. So...careful!


Julie - August 9

Oh trust me I know about gaining too much with my first baby I gained over 50 lbs. this time I have been careful and am 31 weeks and have gained around 23 lbs. so far.


Heidi - August 9

Don't feel guilty. There's a lot worse things you could be doing to yourself while pregnant, including doing drugs, smoking, drinking or starving yourself. The only harm you're doing to yourself by overeating junk food is you may have a harder time taking the weight off after the baby is born. I ate nothing but junk food my first trimester cus it was all I could stomach. I ate LOTS of chili dogs and everything they say not to eat. I've gained 30 lbs and will be at 30 wks. It's been so hot here that even getting out for a walk is impossible. Too hot!!!! So don't feel bad when you eat stuff like ice cream. Almost every night I have a hot brownie with oreo ice cream melted on top. Hee hee! I avoid junk most of the day so it's only fair. If you're worried about fat, try the Kemps fat free stuff. I tried their low fat strawberry and it was awesome! I couldn't tell the difference.


J - August 9

I agree with Heidi. You can't stress yourself out about it. I try to be good during the week, and let my moments of weakness come on the weekends. But, sometimes that doesn't work either. I have craved pizza, brownies, and ice cream the whole pregnancy. My husband told me that he needs a break from pizza - I would like to make homemade pizza 3 times a week I swear. I think you should really be able to eat mostly whatever you want, but just remember that you really are NOT eating for 2. Also try to get at least a little bit of exercise. After that, there isn't a lot you can do. Your body will gain what it wants to. I'm 5'4" and pre-preg weighed 116. I now weigh 140 at 30 weeks and my dr. keeps telling me not to stress about it, that I'm little and I will lose a lot of it from delivery alone. I hope she's right!!!


Heidi - August 9

I was never a big pizza eater but now we've been to Pizza Hut like five times the last two months. He's not complaining cus he loves it and we always take some home to snack on. I love their crusts and salad bar. Yep you're really not eating for two. I think they say you only are supposed to up your calories by like 300 and I probably did before I got pg. I like using it as an excuse to eat more though and almost everyone still says, she's eating for two so it's okay. Hee hee! Some days I don't feel hungry at all and I take advantage of that and just eat lightly but I make sure I slam a couple gla__ses of milk during the day. I have a big one for breakfast even if I decide not to eat till hours later. They say your baby takes whatever it needs from you and will almost always be healthy no matter how you eat but you'll suffer in the end for it so I try to drink lots of milk and take two regular vitamins a day. Prenatals made me sick. Yuck!


KrisD - August 9

Funny - we have had a lot of Pizza Hut lately... Just went on Saturday night. I ate healthy this whole pregnancy up until recently... All of a sudden all I want to eat is junk. Last night I ate 3/4 of a box of pasta BY MYSELF and then had two bowls of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I don't know what has gotten into me... And I wonder why I am up all night with heartburn.


miranda - August 9

Ice cream is okay in normal amounts, you need dairy for calcium.



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