Eight Month Safe To Have Baby

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shell - December 10

My EDD is Jan 16,2006 but my doc sent me to L&D on the 6 Dec. because I was contracting and dilated to two centimeters..doc did give me the shot to stop my contractions and it worked and I went home but I want to know would it be safe to have him now?


randi - December 10

i was bore at 7 months im fine. Most babys survive at 8 months.


Jennifer - December 10

I think it would be safe but the longer the better they say. I had to have a shot to stop mine too and I have had no problems since then. I htink a lot of women have contractions early and the shot works! Good Luck


rl - December 10

I read that babys that are born after 27 weeks have a very good chance of surviving but the longer they stay in, the better.


Dani Renee - December 10

I have had the shot 3 times, and now i give the medication to myself at home instead of running to the hosp. every time. I am dialated as well Shell, I am only 36 wks. I am also effaced to 60% as of 2 wks ago, i could be more now. we'll see Monday. My Dr. said anything after 35 wks is fine :) My baby should be fine in a none speciality hosp. (one that doesnt specialize in premies) My Aunt was due Jan. 3rd and she had her baby 2 days ago. She is a perfect healthy lil girl. 5 lbs 15 oz. They say there lungs are developed by 35 wks, but sometimes babies are born even full term not very good suckers so it makes eating hard if born early. she said not all babies have eating probs, just some :) Im sure your baby is healthy and ready if he is ready to come out :) I keep telling my lil guy you better stay in there if you are not ready to face what the world has to offer, in other words if you dunno how to suck stay in there ..hehe :) keep your chin up!! Have you been put on bed rest?


shell - December 10

no bedrest but lots of fluids and just take it easy...doctor says two weeks if he still wants out...that be the 20th...which my daughter will turn two on 23 dec then comes christmas..lol his due date is Jan 16 but I don't know now.


tinkerbell - December 11

I work in an intensive care nursery. Generally, babies born after 35 wks are able to be sent to the well baby nursery and have no problems. Girls do better than boys and african americans do better than caucasian babies. If a baby is born at 34 wks or less, they may have difficulty maintaining their temperature and being able to take a bottle or b___st. Good luck with your baby. My due date is the same as yours!


shell - December 11

confused..I am 35 weeks now at appt on the 20th of Dec I'll be 37 weeks correct?


elizabeth - December 11

I think you would be 36 weeks and 2-3 days depending on if you are exactly 35 weeks or you are a couple days after.


BB - December 12

Hi Shell, I have the same EDD and I calculate that on Dec. 20th, I will be 36 weeks and 1 day. Some women will count that as 37 weeks, as it is the start of the 37th week, but I don't count until the week is fully over, and a full week for me ends Sundays, so that Mondays I get to cross off a week on my pregnancy calendar. Good luck with your labour and update us! If your boy wants to come out he must be ready, so don't worry too much about it. My cousin had her boy at 35 weeks and he is as smart and healthy as all his other cousins. I myself am hoping for to deliver a week or two before I am due, simply cause the waiting is driving me insane! Its my first and just really really excited. Am I a bad mom for hoping for an earlier delivery? Anyways, have a safe and fast labour, and all the best!


shell - December 12

I'm anxious for him to be here in my arms but don't want him early to be in NCIU. I am sitting here at 2 centimeters ( well that was on the 6 Dec. don't know about now)


Jbear - December 13

I had my first baby at 36 weeks. She spent 10 days in NICU because she had trouble breathing. I had my second at 37 weeks, 5 days and she had no problems.



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