Embarassing Pregnant Moments

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Heather - January 14

Okay girls! We are all in our home stretch and I know we have all said or done something stupid that we wish we could take back or undo!!!!! I thought it would be fun to hear other's stories - this way we don't feel so bad about what we've done! To get us started, I'll go first! Off the top of my head ---- I went to a Christmas party with DH and when I introduced him to someone, I called him by our dogs name. The bad thing was that I never realized I did it. The dh looked at me and asked me what his name was & I actually repeated the dogs name again! My husband gave the woman his "real" name & all I did is ask him why he repeated me. He just shook his head and the lady smiled. Later that evening DH explained how stupid I had been!! That's the one that comes to mind right now - I'm sure I'll be back with a better one soon!


Redhead Mary - January 14

Thats pretty funny stuff Heather! The only thing that comes to mind for my dumb moments lately is when i was pregnant last time 6 years ago.. I wanted ice cream soooooo bad that i walked like 20 blocks ...then i get my cone and as im crossing the street the ice cream falls out onto the road.... I started to cry right away and a bunch of people were walking by asking if i was ok and people were offering to go get me a new cone..I was so embarrased about not being able to stop crying i just took off....I was very pregnant too like 35 weeks!!!


MeM - January 14

lol both those stories made me laugh. Especially the ice cream one. One of my crazy emotional stories is when my db and I were in the car and there was a lady bug on the windshield. And I was going to grab it to move it, and the loving bf I have decided to put on his windshild washer and I cried my eyes out. I felt so bad for the lady bug and I told him he was a murderer because the poision in the fluid would kill the innocent lady bug. It was pretty funny, at the time I th ought it was the end of the world :)


alix - January 15

well my most embarresing moment for me was putting the remote from the tv in the fridge at my friends house. everybody was searching for hours for it and later that night i got a phone call from my friend asking why i had put it in the fridge! so embarressed! xx


Chrisy - January 15

Mine is more scary than embarrasing. My hubby and i just got done with grocery shopping and I was hungry for a fresh donut from a great bakery we go to. I forgot where it was and as I was looking for it I didnt realizy the light turned red about 5 sec before I got there and being more concerned about getting my donut with nuts on top I became flaky and didn't even realize I light was there!! Thank goodness I didn't hurt anyone!!!


Heather - January 16

Okay this one isn't embarra__sing - it just proves I'm an idiot. This week alone, while in the shower, I have used conditioner first instead of shampoo. THREE times I have done this. THIS week alone! I'm an idiot! I don't know how many times I've done this in general, but 3 times in one week I think is a little crazy! Dh keeps wondering where all of my conditioner is going!!!!


KLC - January 16

Ok...This one is pretty stupid....My biggest craving right now is ice. I stop at this Tim Horton's drive thru everyday before work and Friday I went through and forgot to order my medium cup FULL of ice with just a LITTLE water in it, so when I get up to the window I politely ask the lady if she can get it for me. She comes back with a kiddie cup FULL of water with NO ice. I flip out and not so nicely repeat what I want, while she is getting that for me another lady hands me the donut I had ordered. I take the donut and just leave. I was down to the second stoplight before I realized I didn't have my beloved ice. So I turn around and go back to the store, this time parking and going into the store. I go up to the counter and this young guy asks if he can help me. I tell him I was just at the drive thru and have forgotten my ice water. He turns around and in front of everyone in the store says VERY loudly..."the crazy ice lady from the drive thru is back and she wants her ice" I wanted to die!!!!


tracyg - January 16

Well this was my LAST pregnancy moment. I was in the hospital, and the nurse says "you are ready to push." What is my response "the baby". HELLO!!!!


Karen - January 16

We recently went out to dinner with 2 other couples and because they were late we had to wait. I was starving by the time everyone arrived. When my order came I yelled at this poor waiter over my vegetarian sushi order telling ihim it was wrong, but it was correct. My dh was trying to tell me the poor guy was right but I lost it because I was soooo hungry. I told him to stop taking the waiter's side. When the waiter confirmed the item on the menu I was so embarra__sed. I had to apologize profusely. Needless to say our friends were a little nervous after the exchange.


Girl Gilly - January 16

Okay, so mine isn't as fun as some of yours but just this morning my wireless mouse was dying. I took out the old batteries and went in search of new ones. When I came back to my desk the mouse was gone. I looked all over the desk and retraced my steps but could not for the life of me find my mouse. I looked accusingly at my-coworker who hadn't moved at all during the 1-2 minutes I was searching for the batteries and he was in full view the whole time and asked him very 'icily' where my mouse was. He looked up from what he was doing with the most clueless express ever. That made me even more suspicious as I formulated all kinds of conspiracies in my mind of how he got hold of my mouse. Well, he walked over the my desk and said "isn't that your mouse?". Sure enough my mouse was sitting right where I left it - on the mouse pad on my desk. I am definetly not the hot shot I thought I was!!


Ginny - January 16

I love this post, it's making me feel better! I seem to have lost all feeling in my face, because I'm always walking around with food on my face. It's so embarra__sing!! I'm usually really meticulous about being careful and wiping my face with a napkin, but now I'm just a slob. Also, I posted this somewhere else but I forget which post - I have locked my keys in my car about 7-8 times. i am really lucky to work at an auto service center where they can take care of that. And sometimes - I feel really stupid about this - I forget I'm pregnant (and I'm in my 40th week). When people ask how much longer, I sometimes say, "Till what?"


andrea - January 16

Do you remember those tight spaces you used to be able to turn sideways and fit through? I'm bad about measuring what I can and can't fit through. The other night I called my bf into the bathroom to help me take off a necklace I was wearing. When he got in their I started walking towards him-at a faster pace- and BOING!We both jolted backwards. I had forgotten my how far my stomach was out and about knocked both of us on our a__ses!


Girl Gilly - January 16

Andrea, you are so right. I am constantly hitting my belly against stuff, like the kitchen counter. I misjudge my size and reach for something only to be bumped back. I actually managed to get out of doing dishes last night. It was my turn, but my belly was sore and I whined to my husband that bumping my belly against the counter hurt too much so I really couldn't do them! Of course they are waiting for me to do them tonight but I was given a reprieve for a bit anyway.


Kel - January 16

I haven't had anything too embarra__sing yet, but one day while dh and I were eating dinner I used my napkin and after that I proceeded to put into my gla__s of milk!! I have no idea why. I didn't realize it unitl I went to drink the milk and I looked in the gla__s and was like "what is this"" I pulled it out and it was my napkin!! My gla__s was opaque, so that is why I couldn't see it unitl I took a drink. Duh., Hubby thought it was soo funny


tracyg - January 16

Ginny I had the same problem with people asking me how much longer. Or is it a boy or girl?? is what??? WOW; these hormones will get you!!!!!


Beth - January 16

OMG This is so funny. I have done so many of the same things as you ladies. I always hit my belly or bump it into things. I stand too close to the fridge and when I open the door it grazes me. I can NEVER remember the date. I was grocery shopping and I was looking at the expire date on the milk but for the life of me I could not think of what date it was that day. I had to ask this old guy and he said its friday the 13th....thats a tough one to forget! I can never remember the words I am trying to say...I shampoo my hair twice cuz I can't remember if I did or not. So nothing too embara__sing but just lots of preggo brain!


kuhaaica - January 17

i broke down at the mechanics when my bf car was having an oil change... literally was weeping uncontrolably, it was all there alone, opened up, like having a pap smear i felt horrible for it...LOL



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