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linda - April 5

Hello, im embarrased about this problem i have, well im 37 weeks pregnant and ive just noticed i have thrush i have bought cream for this and it says it will go away within one week but ive been having bad aches down below and real bad pressure and i see my midwife tomorrow and i know shes going to do an internal on me ( never had one of these yet) and to know i have thrush and shes going down there seeing it and knowing i have it is just a big embarrasment... anyone in same possition or ever been in that possition?


linda - April 6

anyone have an answer or a sugestion?


Lyn - April 6

It is really common to get that while you are pregnant! I had it at 30 weeks (37 now) my doctor gave me a pill to take and it went away! Nothing to be embarrased about it is normal, just tell her whats up before hand!


to linda - April 6

whats thrush? And, you never had an internal done and your 37 weeks? how is that possible?


Toya - April 6

What is thrush?


linda - April 6

yes im 37 weeks and i havnt had an internal done i asked the reason why i havnt yet had one done my midwife told me i will have one done if they feel theres anything wrong or if they want to find out more or if i go over my due date, so thats why i havnt had one done yet but ive been feeling pressure so i reckon she will give me one just to check, and thrush is common in pregnancy it's just alittle bacteria infection it's nothing bad its just irratating but ive been emabrrased about it incase i have my internal done


Jenn - April 7

If it is common in pregnancy, then I wouldn't be embarrased about it, I am sure your midwife has seen it many times before.


Christine - April 7

Actually thrush is (from what I have always been told) a yeast infection of the mouth...not sure why your using the term for v____ally...thats just yeast..common in and out of pregnancy...and very easy to contact...thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth that usually babys can contact through birth if the mother has the yeast at that time...my daughter had it at a few months old so I guess there are also other ways to get one...a bacterial infection is something completly different and actually has to have something prescribed through your doc to take care of it...not over the counter...(thats what my doc has always explained to me) good luck anyways...and dont be embarressed, they see a lot worse than that...


Jenny - April 7

Christine is right. Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth, what you have is not thrush but rather a v____al yeast infection. And, maybe you don't even have that. You should get it diagnosed by a doctor for confirmation, many women mistake yeast for increased v____al discharge, which are both quite common in pregnancy. Unless you are itchy or experience burning sensation, I wouldnot cla__sify it as a yeast infection unless my doctor confirms it. Go get checked. No big deal. Good Luck


kay - April 12

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Candy - April 12

I had never had a yeast infection before until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I had told my doctor before hand that I thought I had one. She prescribed me medication that was safe to use while pregnant. I don't think you are supposed to use stuff that is over the counter. I could be wrong but you might want to double check.



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