Emergency Name Crisis

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MommyMeg07 - February 14

Soooo, just found out I'm being induced on Friday... and I need help finalizing the name!!! I'm pretty sure I'm naming my baby girl Aurora.... but I can't pick a middle name!!! I'm planning on calling her Rory too... so that should be considered. I'm thinking of - Aurora Charlize, Aurora Belle, Aurora Jolie, Aurora Elise, Aurora Juliette, or Aurora Willow. My last name starts with an R, and is two syllables. Okay, and then if she just absolutely does NOT look like an Aurora, I'm thinking of the name Kameia. (Said like Kamaya), but I've pretty much decided against that b/c I think everyone would say it wrong, but IF I do... it would be Kamea Belle, Kameia Arabella, Kameia Charlize, or Kameia Christabel (or any of the middle names I put above). Kameia is a little TOO weird, right? I would appreciate ANY help on deciding between these names!!! Thank you so much!!


babyonboard16 - February 15

I think Aurora Elise is really pretty!


ConnorsMommy - February 15

I second Aurora Elise =)


MommyMeg07 - February 15

Any middle name suggestions would be welcomed too! :) Thanks to the two who answered already. :)


Mommy1 - February 15

I like Aurora Belle...good luck tomorrow and congrats!!!


Gretta - February 15

I like Aurora Elise


Diann - February 15

why not combine Aurora kameia or vise versa kameia aurora


sapi - February 15

I really like Aurora Charlize I think it has a nice flow to it. I really like your ideas...I'm having a lil boy but if it were a girl we were going to name her keira nouvelle ( like angelina's shiloh nouvelle). Your names are beautiful and very original what ever you pick will be perfect. good luck


PrincessesMom - February 15

If you love Kameia, don't be scared to use it. 2 of my girls names need a little interpretation and I am suprised how many people say them correctly on their own, even if they don't all you have to do is tell them once. People remember different names. I like Kameia Arabella and Aurora Juliett. I'm not too fond of Belle as a middle name, it makes me think of Clara Bell the cow. I do think it is pretty as a 1st name though.


sahmof3 - February 15

I like the Aurora Kameia or Kameia Aurora idea!


Sonrisa - February 15

I like Aurora Belle...I do not like Kameia...but then again...I have no idea how you pronounce it.


xoxticiaxox - February 15

I like Kameia Arabella....its really pretty! And its okay if everyone says it wrong...my name is Leticia...and not one person I have met says it right lol! good lusck tho!


BriannasMummy - February 15

I love the name Kameia!! I thinks its sweet and different. I had no problem pronouncing it as Kamaya when I first read it. I love Kameia Belle.. and if Aurora is the way you want to go .. I like Aurora Charlize! Good job on the name choices btw!! ~Kristin~



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