Emtional Breakdown

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help - November 12

Im 38 weeks pregnant and I think I'm breaking down!! Today everything and everybody made me cry. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? I don't know how much longer I can handle it!!!!


C - November 12

I have experienced feeling like I was going to totally lose it too - but not crying..with me it's no patience for my older children or hubby and feeling like I am always yelling and wanting to tell everyone around me off. There are times I sit in the tub for an hour so I can be alone because I can't even stand myself. I know I am being a *itch....so I try and give myself some "me" time, enjoying a hot drink or reading for a bit or having a bath. You just need to realize that hormones are whacky at this time, and take care of yourself....do something you enjoy that is relaxing and remember....not much longer to go:)


L - November 12

Hey, I am 36 weeks and experiencing the same thing. I have been soo happy and able to sleep without a problem up until about a week ago. Now i lay in bed at night and toss and turn and i get up and cry and i also feel sick to my stomach and pressure on my pelvis and that doesnt help much. I also try to take warm baths or sit in my room alone and read or listen to music and that sometimes helps but i always end up feeling upset again b/c i cant sleep and nothing fits me and i just want this baby to be here already. so your not the only one, i feel the same way. i am going to ask my doc if its normal! gl


melissa - November 13

I call my bout hormonal grumpiness, except mine has been since almost day 1! Most people don't bother me, but there's a certain few that just looking at them gets me going. And lately kids, toddler and up, drive me insane! That's the tough one--I feel so bad having such a bad att_tude towards kids when I will have one in a few weeks! Hope it all goes away once baby is here! L, I think all our moodiness is very normal, but we're not in our "right" minds, so it feels like it's not. :)


L - November 13

Melissa- you're right we are not in our right minds. and i am soo with you about the kids. I think babies are adorable but lately my 3 yr old neice is driving me up the wall! i too hope this goes away so i can enjoy my baby. is it possible that we have post partum depression before giving birth?


melissa - November 13

I'm not sure if it's ppd, or just hormones. I'm very sensitive and moody normally, so I'm a little concerned about ppd afterwards, but I've got a good support system, and I tend to get over things pretty quickly. Good luck!


R - November 13

I've been super emotional since day one as well. I'm only 18 weeks now with my first baby, but it hasn't let up. And today, everything & everyone has made me so depressed & angry. I don't have a great support system as Melissa states she does. I just moved to a strange place to be with my beloved boyfriend, & now we're pregnant. Happily so, but still. I have no friends here, just people who feel obligated to be nice to me because they're friends with my bf. And he works so much, his work schedule is 3-midnight, & often then he hangs out in smoky places I really shouldn't be in right now. And my family is 10 hours away by car; my closest friends are still thousands of miles away. On top of it, I'm having the hardest time finding a job, which leads to all sorts of other problems. My bf sympathizes with me, loves me & tries to help me, but I remain in this predicament. Anyway maybe this will make the women posting their unhappinesses here feel a little better knowing at least they're not literally lonely & penniless like me.


Jen - November 13

I just sat in the bathtub and cried hysterically for an hour because my husband would not take out the trash the second I asked him to. Not to mention that it is now 2:15 and I am still in my pajamas (I put on the same ones I was wearing before the bath). Today has not been a great day for me, but there's always tomorrow!



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