Enail Question About Your Baby Turning

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Amy H - January 19

Hi "Enail", I sent a post a few days ago about when babies were turning and you sent back that yours did. Were you trying anything specific to turn it? I am doing the indian bridge- knee to chest position, and moxibustion...but I dont' think that it has. Do your kicks happen more at your ribs now? I am trying to figure out if mine has turned because I don't have an appointment for another week to check it and am getting stressed it's not goign to turn! I really dont' want a C-section! Thanks! Amy


enail - January 19

Hi Amy! I did not do anything, really! I considered going to a chiropractor, but my doctor advised against it, and I was nervous to that anyway (nothing against them, I just don't know any and have not seen one since I have been pregnant). I did some knee chest positions, but not for the time they recommended--20 mins 3 x a day (they made me so dizzy!). I swear I felt my baby turn one night, sounds crazy, but it felt that way--(yes, the waiting was too long!) The kicks do feel more like they are at my ribs, and I can feel a hard bump at the top of my uterus. I asked the ultrasound tech what that bump was, she told me it was baby's b___t. The night I felt the baby turn, I felt pressure down low, and figured it was baby's head, though I could not swear to it. Oh, good luck, the odds are that your baby will turn!!


Amy H - January 20

I really hope mine turns! Part of me thinks it did, but then again, I want it so badly that I don't know if it's my imagination or not. I can't do those exercises to turn it very long either, nor do I have the time to do them. I go to the doctor today to see if it's turned, but I am not expecting much. I just hope it's good news! I have another week before he wants to start the C-section talk/ scheduling, so It better work! Thanks for writing. I do have a hard bump at the top fo my uterus, but am not sure if it's the head or not. I am not really getting kicked in the ribs yet...so we will see.


enail - January 20

Amy, post after your appointment today! I really hope the baby has turned--I thought the hard bump I was feeling was the head too--I know what you mean about having the time to do those exercises . . . .



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