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Cassie06 - June 8

Ok, so I have never had an enema before, and to be honest I didnt have a clue what in the world they were exactly. I know what they do and all, but I had never checked into what they were or how they were given or anything. Well I have been researching them on the internet and there is just no way in h__l! In our childbirth class the nurse told us that the hospital does enemas as a routine procedure unless you empty your bowels before you come to the hospital in labor. Now, I am praying I will just go on my own before I go into labor, but if I dont, are laxatives or anything else safe to take at home to make yourself go before you go to the hospital? Honestly, I think I would rather set at home and deliver my baby myself then have this done. It bothers me that bad. Anyone else this freaked out and grossed out by this?


dee23 - June 8

is this when they shove a tube up your bum and squirt water up there to make your bm all runny? i remember my mum saying that she got one of those....i dont know much about them....but i would say that having one of those (if im right) would be down right invasive! we loose enough dignity during labor, birth and post birth without having our bums probed! some ppl suggest not eating anything but soups and fiber and running easily digestible foods when labor kicks in, up until birth, so its easy to go and all....but i dunno about that hospital routinely doing one of those.....do they just like to humiliate women?......hmmmm, im sure theres a way around it. i would rather do a poo on the bed then get one of those.


gro1974 - June 8

Ca__sie, Just remember you have the right to refuse anything they want to do to you. If they still insist, tell them you'll agree to sign a waiver saying your "going against medical advice." I don't plan to have one either, but the midwife teaching my birth cla__s (which is not hospital-affiliated) said an enema can really help to move things along during labor. I'd try upping your fiber - supplements like Metamucil are safe during pregnancy if used as directed. --Greta


Emily - June 8

They do not commonly practice those much anymore. My hospital doesn't do tham anymore. There are also diff types, some are just a supository they put up your bum to make you go. I went on my own lots before delivery as many woman do. I wouldn't wory too much about it. It isn't that big of deal, once you are in labor, you lose any modesty you once had, at least temp and will do whatever they ask without thinking anything of it. Also when you are in labor, they dont' want you to eat at the hospital and while at home, they suggest only eating light, cause you will most likely thow whatever it is up anyway. I only had a milkshake, toast, and tea while in labor with my first and I threw it up at he hospital along with whatever they gave me to drink. Each time they gave me fluids, I threw them up. So you may not have anythign left to get rid of either on your own or with the hospitals help. I know it is hard to do, but you have so much to worry about, try not to worry about this too much.....


torbman - June 8

Ca__sie06, make bran your friend. If you can up your fiber and water intake, you could make it a habit for the day, and then by then time you go into labour you can tell them you've gone. If they insist on an enema, maybe ask if you could have a suppository instead. I had to have one of those and it would be far less embarra__sing then that thing. Eww, I don't want that either!


lindsay - June 8

maybe i'm nuts, but i'd honestly rather have an enema than pooping on the delivery table! but my body cleaned itself out my 1st time around, and i hope it decides to be so kind this time!


Jenn2 - June 8

Cant you buy enema's at the drug store to do to yourself at home? Maybe you could just do that and then you can tell them at the hospital you have already gone? I dont know if that would work.....just a thought.


Ang - June 8

I was before I had my son, but if you don't want an enema they can give you a glycerin suppository which is less evasive. It's easier for them to do internal checks if you don't have anything in your bowel -- and if you do when pushing starts it's all going to come out as your LO head presses on your bowel so I say just get over with when you get there so as to not have to use a bedpan in the throws of labour.


Mandy1984 - June 8

hey Enemas are not actually a medication, Its just soapy water, I am 22 weeks pregnant and have had LOADS so far due to chronic constipation, I would recommend to all!!! Its kinda embarra__sing I guess but you can do it yourself! Its just a seringe with a longish tip filled with soapy water!!, I'm not sure what exactely is in the water but everything is obviously sterile.... This will be my 3rd child and with the other 2, I refused an enema before delivery then sufered from really bad constipation and horrible piles after (due to the constipation) and really wished I had of took the enema, It sounds 10 times worse than it really is :)


San_dee - June 8

wooh i didnt know ppl did that!! My midwife just told me that there are two types of people, one being that they do a bowl movement on the table just before the baby is born, or the other being that your system will natually clear it out in early stages of labour. Lucky for me this was the case with my DS, i would seriously have a fit if a nurse came at me with a tube!!!


SusanS - June 8

I delivered 2 weeks ago and they asked me if I wanted an Enema. I opted to do so. It was not bad at all. I chose to do it instead of humiliating myself during labor. It isnt painful or anything, but it is not mandated and you can deny anything you dont want done. Good luck!


Ca__sie06 - June 8

I am so glad to see I am not the only person freaked out by this. I thought I was weird because a lot of people talk about it like it is an every day occurence, and I searched it on the internet and saw that some people do it for pleasure! I am sorry but I just dont get it!! I am freaked enough about the birth experience, because I have never been in the hospital and never had any kind of procedures done, so the formality and medical aspect approach at delivery scares me enough. I am terrified of the iv and have been trying to mentally prepare myself for that, but the enema is just something I dont think I could prepare myself for!!


Jenn2 - June 9

I wonder why some womens bodys clear themselves out naturally and others do not? Do you have to have actual dirreah for it to be considered "cleaning out" or can it just be going 2 or 3 times per day the few days before you go into labor??


HannahBaby - June 9

hon trust me they arent as bad ats they sound. I worked on a maternity floor for a while and saw a lot of different things. My hospital doesnt do them as routein, but we have had quite a few patients who were so full of poop that they could not dialate any farther. We had a girl at 7 for like 2 hours, we gave her an enema and she finally went and then boom, she went from 7 to 10 in like 15 minutes, its just the fact that theres a nurse down by your bum thats uncomfortable. DO NOT take laxatives before you go to hospital as you could dehydrate and harm your baby, dont be silly.



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