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Jen - January 3

Hey ladies! I delivered my son 3 weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVE being a mother- you all have so many wonderful things to look forward to! I just wanted to encourage everyone to take a second and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. I know that this is the hardest part, and I remember how impatient I was (I was constantly begging to be induced), but it is very weird how quickly the whole birth process is over. I don't think you can really appreciate pregnancy until it is over, so take a second to embrace what you and your body are doing because it will be over very soon. Good luck to all of you!


sara - January 3

Thanks for your post, as a second time (mom to be) I would have to agree with you! I was so impatient for my first pregnancy to be over (she was late too!) but savor the last weeks of pregnancy, it is a special time. Plus, I am trying to enjoy life before another baby to its fullest, of course life with baby is fantastic, but I want to appreciate the time with my older daughter and husband before baby comes on the scene. Good advice!


kate - January 3

no offense, I know you mean well....but I get tired of hearing that. So many women tell me this and it makes me want to hit them - because they acted just like me - miserable and so anxious to just get it over with. I think pregnancy is like being a little kid. You know how when you're little you want to grow up so bad, and people tell you to enjoy being young and carefree...etc. - but you just want to drive, and wear makeup, and all the other "grown up" stuff? It's like that - no matter what, they won't understand till they're there. There's no point, it's just irritating to them to hear it. Kinda like it's irritating to hear "enjoy it!!!" when you feel fat, tired, fat, sore, full bladdered, fat, swollen, hormonal, fat, stretch marked, and fat, fat, fat. So again, I know you mean welll.......but spare us, and try to remember what it felt like to hear that when you were pregnant.


Mandy - January 3

Oh my gosh I know!! My cousin just had her baby, and was the absolute biggest b*tch the whole pregnancy, and now anytime I coplain about something she tells me I need to enjoy it now. Grrrr.


Annette - January 3

I know what kate means because I feel exactly the same way, I hate hearing the "you better enjoy NOW" it always makes me think "what did I get myself into?" but I think what Jen is trying to say is enjoying our last weeks of being pregnant, all the excitement and expectation. I remember when I got married I was so stressed about the day, that I didn`t enjoy the arrangements and it all went so fast. Thinking about it, yes, I do feel awful, being pregnant isn`t a bliss, being honest, but I also love feeling my baby kicking, moving and the idea of how he is growing inside, wondering how he will look like, going through all the little clothes I have ready for the moment he will wear them and all the special attention I get from dh, soon there won`t be a belly to rub and kiss... I suddenly realized there will be things I will miss!!! (hard to believe!!!).


sara - January 3

kate, I know you feel grumpy, but I AM still pregnant 36 weeks, and I still say enjoy it the best you can. It is worth the wait--I learned not to complain about symptoms after losing a baby, after that, even when I felt sick (most of this pregnancy) I am just happy TO be pregnant with a baby on the way. Also, I was very impatient with my first, she was 2 weeks late--but it was sooo worth not getting induced and having her naturally. Don't worry--it WILL end : )


Sonia - January 3

I'm 36 weeks and I've started to really feel a 100% like a beached whale. Something that furstrates me is not to be able to do things, and having to ask someone else to do it for me. Besides that, I'm loving this time of my life, the Expectation is the best part, and just thinking these are the last weeks my little princess is going to be inside of me. I enjoy putting lotion on my belly every morning, it feels like "our" moment. Plus I try not to worry about the delivery, it makes me kinda nervous. So I focus on today.


mel - January 3

I'm with you Jen! this is my second. I say enjoy it for another reason though. as anxious as I was with my first pregnancy to get it over with....about a month into sleep deprivation and I was wishing my little one was back inside me so that I could get a little rest! hehe



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