Entering 3rd Trimester

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mandy - November 7

yay, i guess i am officially in my thrid trimester...27 weeks today BABY...due feb 4th. lets share our 3rd tri together....tell me some stories!!!


shelly - November 7

I'm in my 27 th week, I just got here too!! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl?? Is this your first?


Beth - November 8

hi guys! I am due feb. 3rd. Tonight was my first night wandering over to the 3rd trimester section! YAY only three more months! This is our first and I am having a boy. I am having a bad day today. I just learned I failed my one hour glucose test. Now I have to take the three hour one on Sat. :-(


Dana - November 8

Hey guys. I am due feb 2. It is just around the corner! This is also our first and we are having a girl. I just got finished with both of my showers and it is a strange feeling having everything you need except the baby itself. Let the countdown begin!


kad - November 8

hey ladies im due feb the 2nd and only just coped that i was in my third tri lol. its so exciting i cant stand it!!! hehe ok im calm now, do u think its to early to start packing hospital bag? lol


Beth W - November 8

I'm due Feb 2 too, lots of Feb 2 girl here, we're officially on the countdown!!! This is my first and I don't know what I'm having. I just started to notice the whole shortness of breath thing, what about you guys?


Sam - November 8

Hi Ladies, I'm due Feb. 1 with a girl. Still playing the what to name game. I'm having some round ligament pain the past couple days. How about you guys? I feel like I'm in a huge growth spurt. Not sure, but I think my shortness of breath is due to this crazy cold I have :) Going to the doctor today. Hopefully, they'll give me a flu shot.


Anne - November 8

I'm due feb 4th with twins. yikes. but by doc said he won't let me go past jan 20th.


kad - November 9

lucky u anne, lol id love to have baby at 37-38 weeks i just cant wait to meet my little princess, i too have shortness of breath and very bad back pain! and whats up with the st_tch like pains when i walk??? can anyone else relate?


Beth - November 9

Yes I have shortness of breath too. Sam let me know if they give you the flu shot. At my last docs appt they said they weren't going to reccomend the shot for me. My SIL said when she was preg they had her get one. I have pains in my hips and high inner thighs when I walk. Is that what you mean kad?


Eileen - November 9

hi ladies i'm due Feb.2 that was my first due date-- between jan28th and feb2...I think im 29weeks.This can get very confusing anyway im having a boy very excited and feel all the same pains and aches you all are feeling ---hips hurt breathing can't sleep I guess this welcomes you to the 3rd trimester..Did any one get a break in your second trimester---


leez - November 10

hi all--I was 27 weeks yesterday! Hooray. Not much of break during 2nd trimester, still had morning sickness, though it was A LOT better than in the beginning. starting to have trouble finding a comfortable way to sleep, though, that seems early to me--this is my second pregnancy (that has lasted until now) and with my first, I remember how huge I got in the last month. I am due Feb. 9 and having a girl!!


Beth - November 10

I didn't get a break during my second trimester as far as tiredness goes. I have been sleepwalking since May I am so tired! Anyone else?


Emilia - November 10

Yay Mandy! I'll be 27weeks Sat, due Feb 11...I can't WAIT!! I am really lucky, b/c I haven't had alot of the symptoms of Preganacy, so I 'm kind of concerned something is going to get me!! How are you feeling?


mandy - November 11

man. i am starting to feel uncomfortable. sleep is gone except for 2 in the afternoon, but then of course who has time to sleep at that time?! We're having a boy...his name will be Colton Christopher :) We had a baby shower last weekend and I cant stand having all that baby stuff and no one to put it in to play with ;) we're doing the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders for the nursery and everythings so cute and bright. my friend has a 6 month baby girl, so she's slept in the crib once or twice, but i want to bring my baby home already. This kid must be Bob the Builder or something in there...he's always movin and banging around. His newest trick is playing pin ball between my bladder and cervix. Oh! and the hiccups are the coolest thing ever!!! I love him so much. I have the glucose test today and am going to schedule an appointment for a 3D ultrasound...i think the pics would make a great Christmas card. hehe. anyway...talk to you all later!


rhonda - November 11

Hey all just made it to 27wks!! I guess it is great to finally be in the home stretch now!! I am due feb 6th can' t wait....I am having a boy this will be my 3rd and last all of em boys!! ha ha lol well good luck to all


leez - November 13

How big are you guys? are any of you all getting cramps/braxton hicks contractions?



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