Epiderals The Truth

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Angela - June 13

O.K. I will start by saying that I haven't ever had an epi, but I am good friends with a nurse who has & knows about them. She said that the actual injection does not go into your spine, instead it only penetrates the first couple layers of tissue surrounding the 2nd/3rd vertibrae. You wont feel the injection because of the numbing medication before hand and you will welcome the pain relief instead of worrying about the needle. She said she has never heard of or seen someone negatively affected by an epideral and highly recommends the miracle drug. I was really nervous about the procedure, but knowing the facts has taken most of that fear away.


jenn82 - June 13

wow, thanks ive been so worried about having an epidural. i had no idea about what they do but that dosent sound so bad. I think its great that there is such a thing that can help us give birth without having all that horrible pain. did she say how long you stay numb for?


Jenn2 - June 13

The only way the epidural can hurt you is if it is administered wrong. Most people are fine with them. Its just one of those things that is "taking a chance" in life, but just about everything is "taking a chance". Dont worry, I'm sure everything will be fine.


Emily - June 13

I completely agree, epidurals are God's gift to the laboring mother to be! I had one and I must admit I was freaked out about it at first, but oh man, it was worth it. Not bad at all. You don't even notice the fact that they are putting a neddle in you back cause once they get it going, you feel SO much better!


Tillie - June 13

Yes, my epi (two weeks ago) was wonderful and completely without problems or side affects. Will definitely do it again!


krc - June 13

in spite of that I am still not getting one. I am mor freaked out by the whole epi than I am giving birth. I dunno why but i've seen diagrams of where the needle goes, heard some horror stories, and seen 2 women get them with my own eyes and after all that........Im going natural. I know Im in for a ride but I HATE NEEDLES !!!! LOL


JESS1980 - June 13

Hi KRC! I agree with you.....I am more freaked out by the epidural than I am by giving birth. To be honest though, all the women in my family have had quick, NATURAL, healthy births....and my mom said that giving birth to me was virtually painless (yes...some women actually do have easy deliveries). :-) So, don't worry....things may go very easy for you. And also keep in mind that before the epidural was invented, women had no choice but to have natural childbirth....and women have been having LOTS of babies for centuries!


Chrissythefairy - June 13

Thanks Angela, im not scared of needles but i am terrified of the pain of childbirth. I was a little nervous about the epi because i heard some women have back pain but its always great to hear positive things about it to help ease my nervousness. Im actually more nervous about not getting the epi on time.


miraclebaby - June 13

I had one with my first and personally everyone is different, I thought the epi, saved my life. I was in pain and never would have made it without it. In fact, the pain you feel getting it is nothing compared to a contraction to me. I wanted that pain over contractions. Once it kicks in, its a whole new world. I felt nothing after. and I will have another with this baby. Take care.


Nora1 - June 13

I'm not so much scared of needles, it's the lasting effect the epi can have on me and the baby that worries me. There are lots of negatives to the drug.


GraphxGirl - June 13

When I had my first baby I had the epidural and I am sooo glad I did. The pain of the contractions was just too unbearable. I don't like needles either but I found the IV needle hurt way more than the epidural and I think not being able to see them put it in made it alot easier. I will definately get the epidural again with this baby!!


icecream - June 13

You guys should really check out the Bradley Method! I was so terrified of the idea of medicine in birth, I started reading these books. Any meds you take, your baby takes to. Epidurals rob you of the joy that really does exist in birth.


iakram - June 13

Hi there, with my first one I had the epidural my labor slowed down - although i didn't feel a thing. but the epideralist had to put it in twice, she messed up the first time [not like that didn't hurt] but ended up having to do it another time. to be honest my back has not been the same...during the 1st 6 months my back would freeze while sleeping i would wake up to this pain concentrated on my lower back...i have constant back aches esp during the time i have my period. this time around i'm planning on having it the natural way. once was enough for me.


angelbebe - June 13

I was so set on not having one, but then ended up needing one with my c-section. It didn't entirely work for whatever reason so I felt part of the surgery. NOT pleasant. I also gave birth in Honduras, so let me tell you about being nervous!!!!! Everything is fine though. So far, I am not feeling any after affects of headaches, back pain, etc... I think for the most part they are probably safe, even though there are many studies coming out saying they can be risky. It's a personal choice that I don't think anyone can criticize you for. Period.


Traci76 - June 13

I had one with my daughter, and I have nothing but pleasant memories of the entire labor/birth. I was induced, and before I got the epi, the pain of the contractions was taking away the joy of the experience. I remember everything that happened, and when I think of that day, I smile. I can't wait to experience labor again, as long as I have an epidural when I need one!!


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 13

I am terrified of needles, but I was in so much pain during labor I took the epidural and I loved it. I was completely numb and did not feel a thing. No pressure, no pain, no cractions, nothing. My experience was completely positive and I would recommend it to anyone. I did not feel it being inserted, just a little pressure. It was so worth it!


starr - June 13

Well, it's good to finally hear something on the positive side about the epi.I'm on baby #3 and I've never had an epi and don't plan on getting one this time either.I hope I can make it through this time without needing it,but I know everyone deals with pain differently.Good Luck



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