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Tanya - April 18

I'm a first time mom(to be), and 27 weeks pregnant. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how much of the labor pain is relieved with an epidural. (during va___al birth).. and what va___al birth feels like. (Dumb question, but I'm a little um.. scared.) Thanks


Allison - April 18

I can't tell you anything about an epidural experience, but I had a natural v____al birth with my first pregnancy. My labor and delivery went quickly, down in 5 hours from the time my water broke. There was a lot of pain during contractions, especially in the last 1/2 hour before it was time to push. Breathing really does help with the pain. Actually pushing the baby out was not painful at all for me. I hope that helps you out a little.


K - April 18

Hi, I am having my second. I am 24 weeks today. With my first, it was really painful. With this one I just remember no matter how painful it is, it is all worth it. I had a relaxer, not epidural. And I felt it made labor worse. It made me very sleepy and left me without energy. This time I am going to skip with relaxer and just get an epidural. I heard it will not make you sleepy at all, just cut the pain. I just recently talked to a nurse about how much pain it will actually cut. And she says if your skinny,or slender, it works much better, they can position the needle much better, then if you are heavy set. Also, my sister had her last 2 kids with epidural. With the first, she said it cut 95% of the pain, although it wore off about the last 30 min. But with her second she would tell them it hurt and they would give her more, she said she felt very little pain. Hope this help. I am just keeping my hopes up, and understand even if it hurt. You cant stop..grin..and it will all be worth it in the end. Thoughts of happy epidurals for the both of us..grin


Jill - April 19

My epidural took away all my pain but they turn it off when its time to push but pushing for me didn't really hurt. I agree that the shot they gave me before my epidural didn't help it just made me all messed up so I couldnt deal with my pain because I couldnt remember how so hold out for the epidural if you can


Tanya - April 19

Thanks very much for the responses. I feel a little better about it now. :-) Good luck to all of you too.


Kymmi - April 19

Tanya~ Everyone has different opinions as well as experiences. For me (I'm on my fourth),,, I would not go without an epidural. It took away all my pain and helped me focus on the "pushing" when it was time. I am so glad I got it and I certainly plan on getting it this time around too! Vaginal birth is something you are just going to have to experience to really understand what it "feels" like. If you are worried about any pain when the baby comes out, don't!! I think the worst part of labor are the contractions!! When the baby comes out, it just feels like pressure being released!! It's a wonderful experience though. If you have cable or satellite,,,, try watching some baby channel shows. They are very helpful in showing what to expect. Also, go online and check out some sites.


lynn - April 21

I had my little girl on the 18th with an epidural. I felt nothing and pushed her out in 3 pushes. She was my first and I was amazed about feeling absolutely nothing. It is an amazing drug good luck hun!


nelly - April 23

I did not feel anything with my epidural it started to wear off but dont get scared i still felt no pain i could just feel some in my leg and i told them and they gave me more i felt absolutley on pain other than some back labor. i did not feel anything while pushing i pushed for about 5 minutes and there she was .


Jean - April 24

Probably a stupid question but here it goes. When you have an epidural, how do you know you have to use the bathroom? Are you allowed to go to the bathroom? I just don't want to use a bed pan or catheter. I'm sure all hospitals have different rules/regulations pertaining to this but just wondered what people's experiences were with this.


Jill - April 24

When I had an epidural I had a catheder which I couldn't feel because I was numb For me I was happy about that because I didn't have to keep getting up and unhocked to go to the bathroom


Em - April 25

At my hospital they require you to have a catheter when you get an epidural. You can't really get up and go walking around even thought they call them "walking epidurals" so it would be difficult to go to the bathroom.


Jean - April 25

I would hope for a catheter because if you have no feeling, how do you know when you need to go? My friend delivered at the same hospital and she said she used a bed pan and people had to lift her up. I would not want that at all. I guess I'll find out soon enough if I get an epidural.


Kymmi - April 25

You will more than likely get a catheter. Once you get an epidural (you have to be dialated to a 4cm), you will have no feeling from just above the waist all the way down. You will not be able to "walk", much less get up to go to the bathroom. Since you will be numb, you will not be able to feel whether or not you go to the bathroom or if you even have to go.


Jill - April 25

I wish I had a catheder at home when I am sleeping lol


Jessica - July 18

The epidural releaves all the pain, if it works. I have had lots of friends tell me theirs did not. I had my first daughter natural and I didn't think I was going to make it. I got the epidural with my second and it was a breeze; and the baby weighed 9lbs. 11ozs.



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