Epidural Amp Catheter

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Ashley86 - November 3

I hear from a friend of mine that if you get an epidural you have to get a catheter? Is this necessary? Can you put it in your birthplan to NOT have one? Will they comply if you put that in there or make you have one anyway? Does anyone know about this? Not sure I want a catheter (And neither does she)


sahmof3 - November 3

Do you mean the catheter for urine or the catheter that they place in your back with the epidural so that they can add more meds as needed? I had both... eventually. When I got my epidural they put a catheter into my back but they didn't place the urinary catheter at that time. It wasn't until 4 hours later when they decided to do a c-section that they placed that. They did put the catheter into my back when they did the epi, though, and it was a good thing because when my son's heartrate dropped and wouldn't come back up they had to get him our ASAP. I was being prepped for a c-section already, but this turned it into an emergency one where they had to get him out right away. Had I not had the catheter in my back to inject meds into I would have probably had to be put under general anesthesia, because I doubt they would have had time to place a spinal.


cfuller - November 3

If you have an epidural than it's actually a really good idea to let the doctor and nurses put a catheter in you. Once you get the epidural it makes it really difficult to go to the bathroom and if you have a full bladder it makes it a lot harder for you to dialate and labor can drag on forever. So even though it doesn't sound like fun, it actually will help your dilation and labor progress quicker than it would if you didn't have one. Hope this helps you


Ashley86 - November 3

Sahm, the one down below. And cfuller, I know it's there for a reason. But I was just wondering if I chose to opt out would they let me? I'll probably end up just doing it, but I was just wondering if it gets down to it and I request to not have one for any reason would they let me not have one. The one in my back and the iv and all that I am fine with, I was just curious if it was necessary. And what about if you have a walking epi?


Krissy25 - November 3

I had to get a catheter b/c i had a c-section but in my childbirth cla__s my teacher was saying for a regular birth they aren't necessary, but each hospital may do it differently. But honestly once you have the epidural if they do put a catheter in you will not feel them put it in you or even feel it there and believe me with all that will be going on you won't even care.


Terio - November 4

Ashley, after they've given you the epidural, they won't let you get up and walk around, so I think they'll probably make sure that you have the catheter.


TiffanyRae - November 4

Aloha! I was extremely worried about this also...and wanted it in my birth plan...but when I asked the doc he said that I cannot get up and walk around therefor could not get to the bathroom...so the catheter was necessary...BUT I requested they put it in AFTER the epidural had taken effect...didn't feel a THING! And then has them take it out before the epi had worn off....so seriously I didn't feel a thing..PLUS I was on another planet after my little one was born I was SO excited that I honestly didn't give a darn what they were doing down there! :) Lots of luck to you! You are ALMOST done and the excitement is soooo amazing!!


Terio - November 4

Same with me, TiffanyRae -- I had it after the epidural. When I read this I was wondering why I didn't remember a gross catheter being put it - because I'm the kind of person who would remember such a thing (ha!). Then I remembered it was after the epidural, so I barely noticed. Wow, that epidural was awesome. Hell I'd take one right now! :-0


Cevvin - November 4

The just straight cath'd me before i started pushing, ask if that is an option. With an epidural you dont feel a thing.



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