Epidural And Tattoos

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ry - March 2

hi girls!!! my worst nightmare had come true. i have heard horror stories about anesthesiologists that wont perform epidurals if you have a lumbar tattoo. i brushed it off but decided to ask my hospital's policy at my birthing class and it was confirmed that several of the resident anesthisiologists wont give them! I am absolutely petrified of labor as is and now i might not even be able to get an epidural. There has to be something i can do-anyone have suggestions? By the way-for those of you that advocate natural and drug free labor-good for you- you rock but that is NOT me so please save your criticism. I am far to pregnant and scared to hear it! lol!


to ry - March 2

You got a back tattoo? That must've been really painful. I'm going natural, so don't have any advice.


Kel - March 2

Oh no - I have heard that rumor and haven't asked either. Wait, my cousin has a tattoo there and I know she has an epidural. Guess it just depends on the doctor, maybe you can do some research for those in your hospital and see who will do an epidural. I can't imagine the pain as well!!


mel - March 2

you said, "several" of the anesthisiologist won't give them. so does that mean there are some that will? maybe talk to your doctor about an elective induction to insure that you can schedule being there when one of the people that will do it, will be there. that's the best, I can come up with. even if you don't get an epidural though. there are several other forms of pain control they can offer too. dimerol and they can give you a local, which is a shot they give you.


BabyGirl - March 2

Ry- > Sorry to hear that! Sorry to say ...but that SUCKS! K well before you get to upset there is other forms of pain relief! There a face mask you put on your face ..i think it is called "laughing gas" and i ve heard that that works really well. There is one or to more things..i cant remeber them though. I think you should ask your doctor what other pain meds you can take.


mel - March 2

I had heard there was no basis, to this rumor about the back tattoos and epidurals. so I'm a little shocked that there are actually anesthisiologists refusing to do this. but they may just be scared of getting sued. which in this country.....who can blame them? ha


JennyC - March 2

what would be the reason for the anesthisiologists refusing? Are they worried about the ink entering you spinal fluid or something?


Steph - March 2

I have a back tattoo, and I had an epidural. This was almost eight years ago and my doctor nor the anesthesiologist ever said anything to me. If I were you, I'd ask your doctor and show him/her your tattoo. It may depend on exactly where your tat is located at....seems weird that they wouldn't give one though...I hope you can get one!! ;o)


Ba8y6irl - March 2

I have 3 tattoos on my back, one on each hip and 1 in the middle between my shoulder blades. I have never heard of this, so now you got me worried :-)


ry - March 2

hi-thanks for your responses! i thought it was bs too but thought i'd ask just in case and sure enough it is true! there are some anesthesiologists at the hospital who dont care but i guess there are few who wont according to what the l&d nurse and my doctor told me. i will die if i get stuck with one of the a$$h*l#s who wont give me one! i have a breech baby, i am thinking maybe a c section wouldnt be so bad now-at least i would know for sure i would have pain relief! ;) Honestly though if you guys have lower back tats u might want to ask your doc about the anesthisiologists policy at your hospital.


pnj - March 2

Make up a birthing plan and submit it to your doc - include that you have a back tat and that you want an epi.. They are supposed to make sure they have the proper staff on hand to handle your request. You might want to bring them some research as well that their refusal has no reasoning... What are they afraid of? Ink in the blood stream? Umm - already there... There are TONS of women who have back tats who have had epis...



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