Epidural Anyone

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ladybug - April 5

I'm 12 weeks away from my due date and I'm trying to figure out what to do for pain. I've heard good and bad things about the epidural. I know a few girls who have had their babies w/out it and they said they wouldnt use it b/c labor isn't as bad as you think. I don't know I'm a 1st time mom and I'm scared to death! I don't know how I'm going to handle the pain. I'm terrified of needles...yeah as much blood as I have to give I still can't look at them lol. Has anyone out there had an epidural and it wore off or wasn't as effective as you thought it would be? How many of you recommend me get one or just deal with the labor. I'm so confused!


Emily - April 5

well I was like you and undecieded about the epidural. I heard all sorts of horror stories. But once you are there, the decision is so easy. At least it was for me. After being labor for 24 hours, I was no longer afraid of the needle they stick in your back....Everytime I had a contraction, I would think it couldn't get any worse, until the next one came ans it was worse. Then they decided to speed up labor casue my contrations while getting stronger were not getting any closer than 15 min. When they gave me the epidural (about two hours after they gave me the meds to speed up contrations _ so myuach pain!) the releif was instantanious. I was having a contraction while he was giving it to me, and oh I could feel the pain go away. It was great. They even had to tell me when I was having a contration so I knew when to push. By the time I delievered, I could feel it a bit more, but it was nothing like the pain I had when I didn't have one....I would wait and see how you handle the contrations. As long as you don't wait too long, you can decide then...


bean - April 5

I'm expecting my first, so I can't give you advice from being there, but the one thing I can say is from what I've learned a labor is as hard as you imagine it to be. If you're scared of it and think it's going to hurt, it probably will. If you think "I can do it" - you probably can. I would recommend taking a course and learning as much as you can about childbirth (reading books, talking to friends/family, etc). That way you'll know what to expect and the unknown won't be so terrifying. I took a natural childbirth cla__s and loved it. I learned so much, and really feel like I know what to expect and how to deal with each situation. As for you, what you should do depends soley on you, your partner, and the baby. No one can tell you what's best for you. But being as educated as possible is a great start, in my opinion.


ladybug - April 5

thanks girls. i feel better about the situation now. i think im going to sign up for it and if i use it fine if not fine too. i start my lamaze in 2 weeks so maybe that will help too. thanks again :)


San - April 5

HI ladybug. With my first pregnancy I thought I'd try to go as long without an epidural as possible. Then my water broke and the contractions felt like they were going to rip me apart :) So I got the epidural and I didn't feel a thing getting it and it lasted until after I delivered. Good luck!


pbj - April 5

Hey ladybug. I loved my epidural and I would do it again. I was terrified of a needle being stuck in my back before that, but by 5 cm was begging for it and finally got it at 7 cm. You just have to decide what is right for you. Some women have a high pain tolerance...I don't and had never even had a single st_tch or broken bone before my baby; so yeah zero pain tolerance here. I started my pregnancy wanting to have a natural birth, but tried to be realistic, so I just went into labor saying that no matter how I had my baby, as long as we were both healthy and as comfortable as possible then whatever. There are pros and cons on each side. I had a wonderful anethesiologist...the only thing I felt was pressure, but from what I understand not everyone is as lucky. I wish you the best of luck and just keep an open mind an concentrate on a healthy baby.


Amy_mommy - April 5

so, if u decide to get an epdiural, the needle stays on your back the whole time of labor and delivery?????? is that correct?


Emily - April 5

yep, needle in the back the whole time to keep delivering meds....but it really is not as bad as it sounds...I didn't even notive it was there....The nurses just have to mindful of it when they turn you into a new position.....but it wasn't a problem for me with that either....just a note for those still undecided. You will be numb form your midsection down. You won't be able to feel or move your legs. It didn't bother me, but some woman it does. THey dont' like not haveing control over their legs. I know it seems silly to mention but some people don't even think about that aspect....


kh - April 5

It's not actually the needle that stays in your back the whole time, but a thin, flexible tube. That way, you can move around & lay on it while delivering.


meme - April 5

We're built for this and women have been doing it forever is my philosophy. I like burly, direct experience, how nature wants me to live life. Plus, women who go natural heal faster. I've also read stories of natural birth being euphoric... orgasmic almost.


meme - April 5

Oh, also want to mention that if you have a doula (birth a__sistant) with you, you're less likely to cave and beg for an epidural when you didn't want one in the first place. They also reduce your chances of c-section and episiotomy.


N - April 5

ladybug, I had one with my first, definitely was not in my birth plan. After 12 hours of intense labour and 5 cms dialated, I was begging for it! Would you have surgery without anesthesia? Unless your labour is short and your contractions are not that bad then I would recommend it! >>>>>>> bean, I think you may be surprised by how painful it actually is. I thought like you do before my first...man was I wrong!


ash2 - April 5

TRUST ME ! i was not going to get one b/c my husband said not to( yeah like he knows) but after being dialated to 6 i was kicking and screaming. i didnt even feel the needle b/c my contractions were hurting so bad.


Kiddolebel - April 5

Epidural for me ALL the way...I had it with my last one but had to deal with pitocin contractions for 90 minutes before I got the epidural. Ill for sure be getting the epidural this time around =) Why have the extra pain when you dont have to..plus it gives you a chance to rest up for pushing. They usually shut the epidural off when it comes time to push though, that way you can feel the urge to push.


mrsarcii - April 5

i have had three and on my way to getting a fourth, never had any problems and relief was great!!


Tess - April 5

Well....Im a 1st time Mommy as well and Im due in 6 wks (may 19th) for sure I will get epidural.....No questions ask. Just keep in mind though that its diff. for every women (the effect).


mama3 - April 5

I had both of my girls natural no meds at all. After my baby came out my pain was gone. I went to the mall the same day we went home. I plan on doing it again this time. I was induced with my first to too. Yes labor hurts but think about what your body is going through. IYou also got to think about the baby. What ever goes in you goes to your baby. I personally dont think my baby needs to have these meds. My caousins wife had a epi and it wor off as she was pushing and they couldnt give her any more. So she ended up feeling it all anyway. Personally I think when your pushing you really dont feel the pain anymore. All your thinking about is seeing your baby. Just think our moms and grandmas did this for yrs with no meds and they survived, lol. You can do what ever you put your mind to. If you dont get one you will also beable to walk around the mat ward after your shower. I always go and bring my baby to my room after they clean her up. I cant stand waiting for them to bring her, :) GL in what ever you decide.



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