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Brittany - September 22

Hi i just had my little girl on sept 12 and want to help ease anyones mind about the epidural. well like the t_tle says it does not hurt. getting the IV in my hand hurt way worse i didn't even feel the epidural i kept waiting for the doc to give it to me and then he was already walking out of the room telling me good luck. i had to ask my husband if he really gave it to me. maybe i just had a really good doc but it really didn't hurt at all. hope this helps some of you pregnant women its no good to be stressing now. best of luck to all of you.


jess - September 22

i agree...i have had 2 epidurals and one spinal......one hurt because my dr was c___ppy, byut the otrher 2 were great......he numbed it first and then done before i knew it!! does depend on the dr somewhat...but can be a very simple thing..


J - September 22

I agree I hear all these women saying how scared they are because of the pain. I myself was scared with my first baby as well because of all of the misconceptions out there about the epidural. Mine didn't hurt either. If I could describe it to someone it felt like someone gently pushed on my back with a fist. It just felt like light pressure. Nothing compared to the contractions.


erica - September 22

thanks for the input. I am 32 wks with my first and am terrified of the epidural. I know that it will be way less painful than the contractions, but I think it is just the fear of the unknown. I plan on getting one as soon as they will let me.


pbj - September 22

Thanks Brittany, I know there are a lot of us worried about this. If you don't mind me asking, how did you do with the pushing? Could you feel enough to push or could you not feel anything at all? This is my really big concern, I'm afraid to get an epidural and then I can't feel anything, therefore forced into a c-section. Congratultions on your baby too. Thanks


Soleil - September 22

UMMM mine hurt A LOT!!! I had 2 epidurals and a spinal as well. I dont know which hurt more the contractions or the d__n needle going into my spine.


Nicole - September 22

I agree with you. When I had my daughter 3 years ago, I had an epidural. I was scared, and prepared for the worst, but it just felt like a little pressure in my back. The relief was unbelievable (especially after 2 1/2 days of contractions)!! I didn't, however, feel when to push, but the nurses checked me OFTEN, and told me when it was time, and there were no problems. Even during the pushing, I felt no pain. I'm due in 2 weeks now, and I plan on having the epidural as soon as they'll give it to me so that I can relax and enjoy the labor and birth. My husband, my sister and I played cards and dice when I was in hard labor. I was able to smile and laugh and joke throughout - even between pushes.


LeeAnn - September 22

I am more worried about the IV! I wish there was a way I did not need one of those! Epidural should not be to bad if the numb the area!


C - September 23

The epi's I had didn't hurt at all, but I could feel them going in.



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