Epidural Spinal Block Question

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MommyMeg07 - January 15

So, I'm eternally glad that these meds are available, and I'm planning on having an epi, but I'm wondering, how numb does it make you? Everyone seems to be fine with it, but I think I would freak out if I was COMPLETELY completely numb. I mean do you feel like your body just ends at a certain place or what? Thank you!!


AmyJenell - January 15

Hi there. I just had a baby last monday. I had an epidural. It depends on how high they have you set at. If they set it too high, then you won't be able to feel anything from your belly down. But if you have it set low then you will be able to feel mostly everything. They will slow down your epidural before you start pushing so that you can feel to push. This time I was only a tiny bit numb...meaning I could still feel everything...it just felt tingly. Also..one word of warning, the epi will take away most of the pain of the contractions, but will not take away the pressure of the baby coming down. I had almost no pain until he was almost ready to come out. The pressure in my b___t was so intense (sorry TMI). But it really helped me want to push him out. But it really doesn't make you feel like half your body is missing or anything like that. Don't worry. I am truly greatful for epidurals....they are incredible. I hope everything goes great for you. Good luck!


sahmof3 - January 16

My experience with the epidural was that I could still basically feel my legs and feet. In fact I felt like I could probably have walked, but wasn't allowed to. I never got to the pushing part as I needed an emergency c-section, where they administered more drug through the catheter in my back and then I was very numb, down to my toes (but I wanted to be then :-)).


sahmof3 - January 16

... forgot teh most important part lol it totally took away my ctxn pain!!


chiechie25 - January 16

I had an epidural right before having an emergency c-section. I was numb from the neck down, I couldn't move my arms or legs. It felt like when the dentist numbs your mouth before a filling, except your whole body feels that way. I couldn't feel any contractions or pain.


MommyMeg07 - January 18

Thanks so much ladies! Anyone else?


cindernar - January 18

I was completely numb, and it affected my ability to push. With this baby, if I get an epi, I will request that I not be so numb, especially since I tend to also go numb on one side of my upper body as well. (That's very rare, so I'm sure that won't happen to you.) To be honest, it was pretty d__n freaky to not be able to move your legs -- at least for me. I just felt really helpless. I have to say, though, that when I started having bad contractions, it really was a godsend. I think there's got to be a happy medium between complete numbness and natural childbirth.


ShaunaLeigh - January 23

i had an epidural with my first baby & the way they had me layin it must have drained all to one side... & i ended up numb on one side & could feel some pain on the other... & stayed numb forever afterwards... but it wasn't a feelin of numbness taht would you panic, it sure helps with the pain & anything that helps im game on! Im hopin my third baby is like my second, i made it to the hospital an hour away just in time to have him, no pain meds, nothing... it was great... hopefully this time is as fast & as easy as that.


KarenCT - January 23

I have 3 children, working on the 4th, my first was no pain meds - the last two were epidurals and the one on the way will also be epidural. I go numb from waist down and can still feel the dullness of when to push but NO PAIN !! The only think I dont like is that I cannot get up for about 3/4 hours after delivery - and all I really want is a shower BUT the benefits far outway the any down side for me. Best of luck.


Tammy276 - January 23

the epidural is a weird thing....it works great for some, others it only numbs 1/2 the body and others it doesn't work at all. I had one w/ my son and it was great. I got relief right away from it and I could still move my legs, they just had a heavy feeling to them and its like I could feel them being touched, like the pressure, but not the actual feeling...It was weird.. it takes the pain away but still allows you to feel the pressure of when you need to push, and you can also have them turn it off or down when it comes close to pushing time so that you can feel more of what you are doing.



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