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evae777 - November 17

has anyone ever had this and is it hard to recover from? i am looking at a birthing plan and i read about epiosotomies and it just seems so scary! any experiences to share will be appreciated!


DDT - November 17

My hospital no longer does them so it wasn't an option for me. They prefer tearing naturally because apparently it heals faster and more cleanly. I had 2nd degree internal/external tearing. After about 4wks I didn't have pain or burning anymore.


melissap - November 17

I had an episiotomy with my 1st. He was over 9lbs and was not coming out. I tore with my 2nd and I personally found that healing with the episiotomy was way faster and better. I said I didn't want one and at that moment I was so glad to get it. I have asked my doctor for one this time as well because I am sure this baby is well over 9 lbs again and I do not want to tear open all my other spots that have been repaired. Oh yeah they freeze you and you don't feel anything when having it done. Good luck and just go with what feels right when you are in labor. Talk with your doctor about it as well. ALot will not perform them anyways.


Tory1980 - November 17

I had an episotomy with my first and a tear with my second. I found that I healed faster and had less pain (plus it was a neater cut) with the episotomy. I have it in my birth plan that if it is necessary to go ahead and do it as sometimes that is the difference between being able to do it on your own or requiring ventouse or forceps. Some hospitals will do them routinely as the head is crowning so make sure you put down whether you want it or not and some others won't do them at all.


lissica - November 17

I had one and even though i couldn't feel it at the time due to the epidural it really sucked afterwards. My st_tches are just coming out now and it's been just over a month. I had moments where it felt like i was being cut open even a couple wks after. Sitting in a hot bath was my only relief. I'm sure everyones recovery is different though. Good luck.


January - November 17

I had one with DS 11yrs ago and after a couple of days, I felt fine.


CJMITCH44 - November 17

I had my daughter five days ago, and tore in three places, including one near my urethra. It is ten times more painful and is taking longer to heal than when episiotomies were done with the deliveries of my other two children.



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