Erratic Movement Cycles

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Kris - February 11

Not sure if I should post this at Second or Third Trimester. I am just curious how many people have experienced a baby that moves a lot for a few days and then proceeds to not move for two days. Last week, I was 27 weeks and I had a non stress test done and they said the baby was moving alot and I could hear him/her kicking the monitor (although not always feeling it. This week (28 weeks) the baby did the same thing, moved a lot for 4-5 days and now, nothing. I went to the doctor and she says everything seems fine,the baby even kicked the doppler and I did not feel it. I don't want to be a paranoid person who calls every week because the baby has slowed down moving. ( I have tried the eating a snack or something cold to drink and it does not always seem to help) I need advice before I drive myself crazy! Thanks!.


A - February 12

Try eating choclate... it seems to get the baby moving.


Boomgirl - February 25

Even my baby movements are erratic. I guess its more when i am relaxed and not moving around a lot. That is when I go for Non stress test or surfing the web. And the kicks are not so strong . But the baby is surely moving. I am now 38 weeks preggy.


k - April 28

I'm experiencing the exact same thing (I'm 28 weeks). I asked the midwife and she said I should feel 10 kicks a day not an hour!! That made me feel much better. If the doc thinks the baby is fine you should believe him. I was driving myself mad being paranoid about movements. Since I've relaxed abit I'm feeling much more movement!!!


Toya - April 28

When the baby is going through a major growth spurt, he/she sleeps for most of the's the same way after they are born.


Alli - April 28

I am experiencing the same thing. I am also 28 weeks. Some days the baby moves all day long, and I wonder if he will ever go to sleep. Then other days, I hardly feel a peep out of him. I am glad to know that others are having the same experience. I try to tell myself not to worry, but it is really hard not to.


mandy~ - April 28

im 27wks and since 19wks he kicks all the time, is it normal for baby to kick about 30 times a hour, maybe even more?


Kel - April 29

Really is nothing to worry about. NO movement at all during a day is cause for concern. Think about it this way some days you are very active other days you aren't. This does not mean there is anything wrong with you.


Fabienne - April 29

Had the same thing happened to me. I also went to the doctor but, after examining me, she said all was fine.


Kymmi - April 29

I wouldn't worry about it unless you don't feel the baby moving at all~ You will experience days where the baby seems to be "quiet" and then you will have your days where he/she just doesn't seem to slow down. You will feel most of the movements when YOU are slowed down and relaxing. It's hard sometimes to feel the baby when your a busybody. Just relax, everything is fine.


shari - November 22

im now 32 weeks and my baby feels like she has 7 legs 8 arms cause she loves moving everywhere


Jen - November 22

Mine is the same way and I get stressed out over it. It makes me so nervous it is not even funny. Sometimes food does not work. I think if that is how they are that is how they are and as long as it is the same and you know that then I don't think we should really be all to worried about it. You are still early and you will start to feel more movements that you can notice. I am 35 weeks and I still get it like that! Good luck and I am sure everything will be fine! Have a great Thanksgiving!


Ashley - November 23

I'm 29 weeks and I've been trying to do my movement chart for the last week.... *sigh* It's not really working. I'm supposed to "be resting comfortably" sometime after 7 pm and see how long it takes to feel 10 moves. Well, you can do it at other times if the baby's more active then. Ok, but the baby's most active right about time my dh is due home, I'm cooking, ect. Which is abou 5:30-6:30! It's right when I don't WANT to sit down and feel the baby kick . . . I feel it all day and I'm hungry and dinner is important!!!!! This chart is a pain . . . . :)


Jen - November 23

I have heard from a ton of mothers that you will drive yourself insanie if follow that chart. Just make sure that the baby is moving every day and you will be fine. I have heard that by you getting stresses out about the movements can make the baby not move as much. I don't know how but! I get the same way about her moving. When she doesn't move I get all upset and depressed about it then I go in and they say everything is fine. Good luck and I would not go by the chart thing anymore.


C.R. - February 6

Thank goodness for this Qand A. I am 28 weeks and going through the same thing. I was starting to stress and about to call my doctor. Then I see that this seems to be pretty comman for this stage. The post about the baby resting during a growth spurt, makes a lot of sense and has settled my nerves. THANKS!!!


Kel - February 6

It could be the way your baby is positioned as well. I told my doctor that my baby wasn't moving as much as I thought it should and he felt around and my baby is tranverse with her b___t facing my belly b___ton. He wasn't concerned at all, so I'm guessing because of her position is why I can't feel any "real" kicks, but only fluttering movement.



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