Ethan Pearce Is Here

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falafal0 - November 14

Hi everyone, well, Ethan Pearce arrived here at home on 12 nov 7:48am, while all the kids were getting ready for school! At least this time, the midwife was here. BH started with a bit of a backache around 5:30am, i called Tarryn at 6ish to let her know that even though they were not regular or painful, they were different, which was what we were looking out for this time after Levi. So she came around 7ish, and we were just siiting there with a cramp every now and then. They got a bit stronger, and i went into the bedroom because the kids were all carrying on and i left it up to my MIL and DH. All of a sudden i felt the contractions kick in and the pains moved from back to front as well, calle for Tarryn and within 10 minutes or so, a few pushes Ethan was born. MIL wasn't watching kids as closely as we thought, and DH quickly took handle off the door so they couldn't barge in on us - it would have been quite a scene for an 11. 8, 5 and 14 month old to behold! So they were all able to be with us a few minutes afterwards instead, which was an awesome experience for them and us. He weighed 3.5kgs, 7lb 10 ounces, and looks more like my side this time! He's perfect. Going by the ultrasound dates he was 10 days early, but going by my dates he was a few days overdue, the midwife was saying. I'm glad mentally i was going by the ultrasound dates and thought i was early becasue i was having such a hard time i think i would have lost it if i went over! Hope everyone is getting ready to experience this awesome miracle - it truly is unique every single time you go through it. Best wishes, love, baby dust and blessings to everyone. XO


sahmof3 - November 14

LOL I saw your annoucement t_tle and wondered if you this one was just as fast as the others. Sounds like it was still pretty fast, but at least your m/w made it ;-) Congrats on your new little man!!! (BTW... just gotta know... did the kids actually make it to school on time that day?? lol).


josie4 - November 14

Oh my! You certainly give birth quickly!! Congrats on your little one!!!! Sounds like things went wonderfully!


jennifer_33106 - November 14

Congratuations!! Sounds like it went by fast!!


tish212 - November 14

how wonderful....and then being able to share the "after moments" with ur family....that's beautiful. I like the name....its very handsome sounding... :) enjoy ur lo and congrats.


Buffi R. - November 14

Congratulations!!! Hope the kids were able to sit still through school that day. I'm sure they had quite a story to tell and were eager to get back home. Best wishes to you all!


babylove4 - November 14

Wow I hope my l&d go just as fast.....Congrats on Your new Baby Boy!!!


staci - November 14

Congratulations falafal! I was wondering about you! And I so wish I could give a fast birth like you! I think it is absolutely amazing! It is very good to hear you both are happy and healthy! Now hopefully you will be able to walk again with no pain! Keep in touch!


Karen_Fletcher - November 14

Congratulations....well done, its such a lovely story xox :o)


DaBonkElsMe - November 14

Congratulations! Sounds like a nice smooth delivery!


kimberly - November 14

Congratulations! Sounds like a quick and smooth delivery!


sarah21 - November 14

Sounds like you should be a surrogate mother, as easily as your labors go, lol! Congratulations.


Gemini_Girl - November 15

congrats and what a lovely name! :)


falafal0 - November 16

Well sahmof3, our DD WAS actualy being put ON her school bus (which picks up at our house) as I gave birth, bus comes around quarter to she didn't know he'd been born until she came home, she was elated! We live across the road from the tow older boys school, so that was no problem. However, this week, getting DD up in time for her bus after being with Ethan all night (days and nights mixed up, sleeps perfectly through the day, parties at night) DH has had to drive her three times to her school, about 20 minutes away because we missed the bus pick up! And staci, still very sore and the stomach and pelvis has actually gotten worse (like it did with levi) before it'll get better, so I'm being extra careful this time around. I got back into things too quickly last time, don't want to regret it this time either. So relieved though and ready to heal. And as for a surrogate mum, well, maybe the labours, but definitely not the pregancy!! :-)



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