Evening Promice Oil

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HEATHER - February 15

anyone using it? I was told that it may or may not start labor if taken after 37 weeks. wonering if anyone is trying it?


Krist - February 15

Hi Heather. Evening Primrose Oil is said to be a sedative for the reproductive system and helps relieve pelvic fullness and pain. I have not heard of it starting or affecting labour in anyway.


DDT - February 15

I have been taking it orally since about 37 wks. It is supposed to helped soften the cervix, but not start labour at all. At my 39 wk checkup I had an internal and my cervix is soft and low. This may be due to the EPO or not.


sbyrd - February 15

I definitly recomend taking it. It cant hurt anything. It doesnt necesarily start labor, just gets your cervix thinned out which could help progress labor. I started taking it at 37 wks, and by 38 wks my cervix was 50% thinned and i was 1 cm. If I were you I would give it a try. Good Luck!!


xoxticiaxox - February 15

what is this stuff and where can I get some?


redhead125 - February 16

I've even read of using it as a v____al suppository. Haven't done it yet (oral or v____al), but am not quite ready to take that plunge yet.


missycc4 - February 16

I've been taking it seens I was 34 weeks and I'm not sure if my cervix is thinned out yet. I have a Dr appt Monday. She'll be checking me then. I get mine at a all natural food store and they have different mg 500,1000, and 1500, at first I was doing the 500 one oral and one v____al. then I moved up to the 1000, one oral and everyother night v____al. it doesn't hurt you or your baby. if you do it v____al go to the bathroom first then lay down and try to get it as close to the cervix as you can and dont get up for a good two hours. best time is when you go to bed. They say by the time you get up to go to the bathroom the pill is gone. good luck


missycc4 - February 16

adding, be4 you put the pill in v____al poke a hole init. then put it in.



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