Ever Been Ganged Up On By Nurses

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Chris - July 9

Went to appt. on thursday, found out I was very dehydrated. Nurse 1 says your urine looks like c__p, nurse 2 "your urine looks like h__l", nurse 3 "your urine looks like motor oil" THEN .... the 3 of them proceed to come in and out and chew my butt for one thing after another. THEN !!!!! the 3 of them come in to the room while I'm sitting there half naked, covered by a sheet ... and the 3 of them together ream me out for not drinking a gallon of water a day. They tell me this is why I'm dilating so early and why the baby is not growing right and why I may deliver TODAY and why my baby may die and and and ...... By the way, I was told at last weeks appointment that everything is going perfectly with me and baby. Have you ever been ganged up on like that? 3 people yelling at you while you sit there naked and emotional and tell you your baby will prolly be born today (8 weeks early) and who knows if she'll make it. I wanted to run out of that place naked and hide in a corner and never come out.


Maggie - July 9

I would report them to the hospital's administration immediately. As a nurse in training I know for a fact that a nurse is NEVER suppossed to give a patient that level of disrespect. Please know that there are nurses out there who do care and would never treat you like that. Those women should be stripped of their positions. Good Luck to you.


Maggie - July 9

Halley, how dare you. Are you a nurse? Do you know this woman's medical history? Have you ever dehydrated yourself ? You can drink a gallon of water, and still dehydrate if you do strenuos activity, live in a hot climate, or have an infection. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the kidneys, especially in the third trimester, which can make the filtration process difficult. There are plenty of pregnant women who do absolutely everything right, and still end up with some form of complication. Chris may not have known exactly what to look for, not everyone is a healthcare professional. Don't be so mean to people, you could be in the same situation just as easily. You are the one that is SAD.


Ellie - July 9

Just ignore "halley" She has been writing rude comments on people's forums. She just needs attention. I would definetly report that incident with the nurses.


Chris - July 9

TY Maggie -- And yes -- though I was drinking MORE than the recommended 6-8 gla__ses a day, I was still dehydrated. I sat in air conditioning all day and have been on bed rest for 2 weeks, so have NO IDEA how I got so dehydrated, but I did. And I am the mother of 3 very beautiful very very healthy children!! All carried to term without a single problem. Being a good mother has nothing to do with it. It's the fact that something apparently went wrong in my body and THAT is why we're waiting on results of tests to see why, after drinking so much water, i was dehydrated. After the nurse were done with their reaming, one was told to write orders for tests. I think an apology was in order.


anne - July 9

Ellie - do you sleep on your left side? Do you pee often? And has your blood pressure been checked? Also - did they check for infection? There are other causes for dark urine...


angel - July 9

Report those rude nurses in. They had no right to miss treat you like that. Chris, Are you a teen? I have heard of teens being mistreated before. I have a friend who was 16 when she got pregnant. He doctor was so mean to her. She didn't want to get prenatal care. My advice to you is to tell your doctor you don't want these women near you again. If he can't follow through , change doctors. Good luck


Jenny - July 10

Poor Halley, you need a hug. I can just imagine you hammering at your computer all day with your chubby fingers and smoke fuming out of your ears. You need a girlfriend or a life, whatever you can get first. Chris, yes these nurses can be real b___hes. Wait until you have the baby and you have trouble b___st feeding (trying to get it right), then they really come down hard on you. Good luck and don't let them get to you.


KH - July 10

wow I would report them asap..... esp. the part about your baby maybe not making it. they should not get away with that. They could have been more tactful and supportive of the situation.


Chris - July 10

Thanks gals -- and no this is my 4th pregnancy --- not a teen --- and OMG you're so right about the b___stfeeding nurses !!!!!


Jbear - July 10

I've run into mean nurses before...the day after my daughter was born I was trying to give her a bottle in the NICU, and the nurse snapped at me, "How did you ever manage to keep from drowning your other children if that's how you fed them?" This was my first baby. And at my daughter's 3 year old checkup she was scared to get on the scale (she thought it would cut off her feet) and those nurses told me I was a bad mother because I (pregnant and told not to lift my daughter) couldn't wrestle her onto the scale. They held her down by the legs and neck, and she was so terrified that she vomited on them. I complained to my daughter's pediatrician and she said I needed to put my daughter in day care so she'd learn how to behave around people. Now I have to find a new pediatrician before this baby is born. So yes, medical professionals can be pretty mean sometimes.


Katharine - July 10

Sorry, have to add my bad medical "professional" story. Took 3-yr-old daughter to ER (only trip ever to ER for her) at recommendation of pediatrician at 3am and ER doc told me that I obviously had issues because I brought her in and that the real problem was with me, not my daughter. I would report them to your dr. I don't think they should be dispensing medical advice along those lines.


to Chris - July 10

I had one bad nurse with my son. He was a male nurse. He was so mean. All of the other nurses I went really like my son and said I was a good mother. So I ignored that rude one.


Cindi - July 11

I went thru hell with the nurses at the Mother/Baby unit at the hospital where my 2 yr old was born. My husband was in Iraq, thank god my Mom had flown in to be with me when I had him, or I would have murdered someone. I went thru a VERY difficult delivery, was high as a kite on various medications. Spent like, 5 hours in just the transition room. Once I got into my room, they'd told me about how I had to write down EVERY poopy/pee diaper, feeding, etc, etc. At that point, I still couldn't have told you my own NAME. This psycho comes in and rips me a new one because I hadnt written down a poopy diaper. She's telling me how they're gonna take my baby away, and I need to prove that I'm going to be a good mother or they wont let us leave the hospital, blah blah blah. That woman is lucky I was unable to get out of bed at that time. Thankfully in turn, my mother went and ripped her a new one too. I never saw that nurse again...


Chris - July 11

OMG thats horrible. I was just instructed to leave all diapers on the bottom of the ba__sinet and they took them to the nursery, opened and looked inside and did their own counting. THANKS EVERYONE for all your input. Helps to know I'm not the only one ... but its sad to know I'm not the only one.


Leah - July 17

Ok....I fully understand that there are rude nurses out there....just like there are rude register clerks....rude jiffy lube guys...whatever.I know that ideally nurses should be wonderful perfect caring creatures but sometimes that doesn't happen. Does that make it OK? NO! They should be ashamed. However, I think that people love to focus on bad experiences and somehow forget all the great experiences with nurses. And yes, I am a nurse. Many times, I have to tell people things they don't want to hear. No matter how I try to sugar coat it, I have been accused of coming off as 'rude'. For instance, a severely short of breath woman that can't wait to get discharged so she can go out and smoke.....I try to gingerly give her info. on smoking ceesation cla__ses and she flies off the handle. I am sure I am the subject of her 'horrible nurse' story. I have heard the patient's version of the conversation we had and many times I couldn't even recognize it. Maybe they felt the need to embellish to justify their anger and defensiveness. Sorry if I seem defensive but I get so tired of hearing about how awful and mean nurses are. It is truly an underappreciated profession.


Misty - July 17

Oh I think you are wrong about that Leah. It is a very appreciated profession I think, it is just that like, with anything else, you hear the bad stories and not the good ones. I have thankfully never had to deal with a bad nurse, not that I can remember anyways. And I have been to the hospital many times, I was a tomboy when I was little and then after my son was born had to take him back for getting R.S.V.P. I seem to have been very lucky though from what I am hearing here. I don't see how anyone can even think to act the way these people have acted. I would report every last one of them. It is people like that that make the profession look bad to some people. They shouldn't have the right to do what they are doing. But the majority of us still do appreciate it. :-)



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