Every Two Weeks

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Prissanna - May 3

When did you start going to the Dr. every two weeks? I'm 30 weeks now and I go again in 2 more weeks. Wasn't sure if this was the norm or if they are monitoring my size more closely because of the Gestational Diabetes.


Ba8y6irl - May 3

Definately normal... I have been at 2 week appointments for a long time now, I am now at 1 week appointments cuz I am 37 weeks, but for sure I was going every 2 weeks prolly since around 28 weeks or so, maybe earlier...


Mindi - May 3

After my 28th week, I went to appointments every 2 weeks. Then, when I hit 36 weeks, I go once a week until the baby gets here. : )


3-4me - May 3

Hi Prissanna, I have been getting the non-stress test for the last 4 weeks and will be doing it for the last 4 too. But while asking questions about that my doctor said that for most woman with the gestational diabetes they usually monitor once a week starting around 32 weeks.(they will start seeing you 1 a week the last 4 weeks not matter what usually) So I guess if they only have you coming every 2 weeks I wouldn't be too concerned. I would guess though that it is due to the diabetes. They want to make sure that the baby's heartbeat and weight and all that is staying in line with the last leg of your pregnancy. As long as you are OK with your diet I would not be worried, just hang in there! Good Luck!


Emily - May 3

it is normal for you to go every two weeks at this oiont, GD or not. I went every two weeks with my first at 30 weeks and the same with this one. I am at 32 weeks and started going every two weeks a couple of visits ago. Good luck.. Once you reach your last month, do not be surpirsed to see your doc every week and if you reach your due date, twice a week....


Tess - May 3

Hi Prissanna- After your 34 wks then you start seeing your Dr. every wk. Hang in there!


BabySage - May 3

yep I started going every 2 weeks around then, Now I am 37 weeks and every week visits :)



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