Everyone Getting Annoying To You

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Soontobemom - July 5

I am 38 weeks and everyday I have some family driving me crazy!! My sister (younger) comes over to discuss/point out my fat feet/fingers and everything else I just wanna forget about pregnancy. My mother comes to my house every day when she comes home from work (lives next door) to ask me "How I am doing?". My father has started calling me with the "How are you's" too except he asks me 10x on 1 conversation. And my MIL asks me individually "How am I" then "How is the baby today".... Errrr does anyone else feel like killing their families right about now?


livdea - July 6

every time I make a phone call the first thing out of the other's mouth is "YOU HAD THE BABY!!!" No...I didn't have the baby...thanks for reminding me she's still in there and I'm over it though! They all mean well but eveyone annoys me nowadays. the past few weeks my nerves are shot, I'm done, I'm ready to have my baby and I'm not even at my due date yet! I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and avoid the phone at all costs. No baby. I'm fine, she's fine...now leave me alone!!! Sorry...I'm venting too!!


Soontobemom - July 6

lol, I know. I am 38 1/2 weeks now myself. I keep warning my husband, "If I here her say to me one more time...", and he has to tell people not to ask me those darn questions... I feel like leaving a note on my door... "No baby today... we are fine, go away!"


dee23 - July 6

with all do respect girls, im 38 weeks and get those questions all the time...yes its anoying, but not worth sulking over. those ppl dont know that everyone else asks u the same questions and are only asking because they care. lap it up cause soon it will be all about the baby.


livdea - July 6

lol...dee I think I told some woman the same exact thing! I know they don't know and I'm not sulking! But EVERY TIME you make a phone call and the person on the other end is like "YOU HAD THE BABY!!!" it gets real old, real fast. and frankely, it ALREADY is ALL ABOUT THE BABY!!!! I'm not complaining but d__n, it gets annoying!!!


Catrina - July 6

I agree with dee to a certain extent because I heard that after the baby is born no one even notices poor mommy anymore! lol But having said that, people are seriously getting on my nerves too! I was pretty average sized before I got pregnant, 5'6, 130lb, but I have gained over 50lb and every person who sees me says something about how big I am. Since I was about 7 mos I've had people saying that I'm bigger than so and so that they know who is due anyday. I know they're not trying to be annoying so I bite my tongue but I cannot stand it! I already feel huge and clumsy and fat and at least one person makes it worse every single day by sayng some careless comment, like 'You're huge!' or 'You sure its not twins in there?' So I can sympathize with you girls because people's comments can be frustrating. I just smile and grit my teeth and think to myself, only 2 weeks left, I can make it!


CyndiG - July 6

But the thing is, they are not asking you how you are doing to know how you are doing...They want to know when you are going to have the baby! That's who they are really caring and asking about! Not me! But I've been having the same thing. My mom, friends, strangers. My husband called me yesterday and said, "how do you feel today?" Then last night I was saying this exact thing about how the phonecalls had started and everyone asking, have you had that baby yet? (Like I could hide it!) And he said sheepishly, "even I'm doing it!" But oh well, it'll be over soon and we'll miss the attention!


JESS1980 - July 6

HAHA! EVERYONE is getting on my nerves these days! I agree with you Soontobemom.....I just want to forget about my pregnancy and relax some days. But my family & coworkers WON'T LET ME! Everyone is always calling to ask how I am or how the baby is. I know they mean well....but it's ANNOYING! I need a vacation from my pregnancy! :-)


MEO - July 6

I'm also a couple days shy of 39 weeks - I get annoyed by the "how is the little baby in there?" "is she moving a lot?" all this stuff that I just want to be like "she is normal, no big changes, things are fine, I am fine, thanks for asking" I don't mind it from a few people like I know my mom can't get over that she is about to become a gramma (although... still a little irritating) - was at our cabin this weekend with some friends and the wife kept staring at my stomach the whole weekend to see if the baby was moving and everytime she thought she saw the baby move she was like "oh, is she moving now?" Usually I like sharing that with people, but man, it is a little weird to have someone stare at your stomach constantly and then grill you about baby movements. Sometimes I actually just pretended the baby wasn't moving and other times actually the baby wasn't - I was just breathing. Hoy! And other random little things that people do that used to annoy me a little tend to have a greater capacity to annoy me now. I try to remind myself that this is probalby pregnancy crabby and to just ignore it for now...


boolie79 - July 6

omg i totally fit in with this lol.. everyone has been annoying me.. and i know its just pregnancy hormones but i can cry for no good reason too.... happened yesterday.. poor dh was the one who i took it out on... almost 32 weeks pregnant,, cant wait to get back to myself.. i think the thing that drives me nuts the most is when people just come up and put their hands on my belly,, DRIVES ME NUTS!!! i mean if they would ask i am sure it wouldnt bother me but they dont so it drives me nuts.. anyhoo sorry just wanted to vent!


honeybea - July 6

I'm 32wks tomorrow and it's just started. I went to my dad's and stepmom's house and first thing she did was pinch my arm and said i was getting fat. My mom called and said she was watching tv and saw a pregnant lady with stretchmarks and thought of me. It's like no one can think of anything to say to me so it's alway how are you and the baby- how are you feeling. Well if they really want to know- I'm tired, cranky , getting uncomfortable, can't sleep , she ( my baby) thinks my ribs are a good place for her feet and I get up 3-5x a night to pee. Oh and - I"M PREGNANT! and HOT!!!


Erynn21 - July 6

I'm @ 31.5 wks and can see how in the old days after a woman was at a certain point she just stayed home, it was to protect her from all of the dumb comments ppl make. I am big, yes I know this I have been big the whole time. I constantly get from stangers are you sure you're not having twins, it is so stupid. My SIL's mom finally is believing me that I am doing great every time I saw the woman she was like how are you and I'd say fine and she'd be you just wait. She finally resigned to the fact that I am doing fine. For me what can I do complaining just makes me feel like sh*t and I don't feel like having a bunch of negative energy around me. The worst is my grandmother she doesn't know what it's like to not say something if you don't have something nice to say, she just has to be mean all the time. She thinks I'm fat I think she's annoying and she is not allowed @ my house for at least a week after the baby is born, if not longer. Anyway thanks for the vent.


MEO - July 6

yah, how are you supposed to respond to "you look like you are about to pop"?


Catrina - July 6

Erynn and MEO, I get those same comments!!! The twins one and the one about looking like I'm about to pop. I hate it that people think they can suddenly judge us just because we're pregnant! I don't mind so much people asking me how I'm doing, although it can get old, I just get so sick of hearing how big I am!!! At the end of the day, we're still women and we don't want to be told how fat we are! How hard is that to understand?


K8 - July 6

Ha HA HA last weekend my husbands good mate said to me for the ten zillionth time "Well Kate if i can give you one bit of advice it is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" and i replied "Well if i may give you one bit of advice - don't give me ANY advice please!" i could tell by the look on my husbands face that i had been rude and he was shocked but he never said anything to me when his mate had left, i think he realised there's only so many times you can be told what and what not to do before you get sick of it. I know its darn rude of me but puleese shut up already!


Soontobemom - July 6

Thanks guys you are making me feel alittle more sane, I thought I was going crazy. My relatives kept trying to touch my tummy all the time until I practically screamed at the top of my lungs. I kept telling them I didn't want them coming after me to touch me, and one day I had it. I told my sister no when she went to touch me, then she just kept trying until I thought I was going to go psychotic (I am not a very touchy person with them, only the hubby can touch my tummy). Today after telling her many times that swollen/sore feet are not cute and I don't wanna hear it anymore, she did it again. Errr! Also I have been hearing everyone's opinion as to when I am going to go into labor... my sis keeps saying it'll be any day now. I said to her "How do you know, you don't even feel what I feel." Just the annoying know-it-all comments like they can tell me anything (especially her who is 20 and never been pregnant).


MEO - July 6

yes - the know it all thing - I have a friend who has not been pregnant but likes to spout off this or that bit of information that she has heard from someone else - typically which I already have heard, I have read so much about pregnancy, babies etc - and she says it like it is this crucial information that she teaching me with - I used to try to explain the information further but now I just tune out while she talks and then just smile and say "that's interesting"



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