Evil Doctor Or Is It ME

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Hannah - January 31

SOrry, just need to vent... I am 28,5 weeks pregnant and was in the hospital all night last night (by myself) as I called my doc w a questions about hardening of the uterus (was hard for 3.5 hours w/o relief) and he told me this was abnormal and I should come in. I was i labor in delivery triage for hours, laying there on a baby monitor. they did all sorts of culture workups on me. told me my cervix was open on the outside (i am not a clinician, so this sounds scary). Noone explained anything, in another 2 hours the nurse came in and told me I was going home (she was so rude). After I expressed concern about my unadressed questions, she suggested I call the doc (as if he was gone from the hospital!). I did. He told me this: "the resident told me all is fine, so I sent you home." ?? How about YOU come in and talk to YOUR patient b/f she goes home, you idiot! anyway, when I asked the "open cervix" question, he answered in clinical terms I couldn't understand (and I work in health care and have a graduate degree, so it's not that I am slow)... I then asked about test results and when I could call and, ladies, are you ready?? the culmination of my "fun" night - "Please don't call me, Please! JUST LET ME SLEEP!"... I just hung up and haven't stopped crying since.


karen - January 31

That's just wrong. If I were you, I'd look into finding a new doctor. I'm glad you seem to be OK, where the baby is concerned.


Kel - January 31

Oh my! You poor thing. Have you tried calling the birthing center at your hospital? I know in my city, they encourage us to call with any questions if our doctors offices are closed (and we don't want to wait for a return call from the doctor on call). Maybe they could at least answer the question about the cervix. But its not you for sure, your have an EVIL doctor.


JennyC - January 31

your doctor knew what he was getting into when he went into OBGYN! It means late calls from worried moms! It sure seems like you should have someone to complain to - but I can't think of anyone. Who is the "boss" of doctors? I don't know. Anyway, I am sorry for your scary experience. I hope you can successfully find a new doctor that you like and maybe a new hospital. They aren't all like that - I promise!


lmrod55 - January 31

I am so sorry to hear about your experience...that is just down right WRONG! I know that changing doctors is a pain, but I think it would be worth the ha__sle in your case! I wish you well. - ld


Mel - January 31

OH MY GOD.....believe me that I am MORE than serious, when I say that I would (not call) but go up to that doctors office and TELL HIM OFF!!! he would be the one crying by the time I got finished with him. how unbelievably rude. I hope you definately find someone else that is a little more concerned with their patients. sounds like the [email protected]# you have now, just got into medicine for the paycheck.


Preggo - February 1

Oh My Gosh!!! I can not believe that man said that !!!! I know your far along now but do you now a female friend that could help in hooking you up with a new Gyno-ob? I am in disbelief.... to think that we pay an ungodly amount of money to these doctors and most of the time we see them for 5mins once a month for 8months .If your that busy .. don't be greedy and keep on taking on patients so that when they need you .. you can do what you get paid for. I'm sure he's sleeping in a plush bed you helped pay for. .. This man will be delivering your baby.. think of that !!


Kim - February 1

Hannah, I can't believe this guy! I mean, what the @$%#! Honey, get yourself a new doctor, ASAP!! There is absolutely no excuse for the way you've been treated, you have legitamate medical concerns, and this needs to be addressed by a professional that can handle his/her job. Preggo is right, we pay these people WAY too much to be treated as though we are incompitant fools who have no say so in our own medical care! I really like my doctor and all of the NPs at his office, but I have noticed there are times when their answers are sometimes kind of patronizing, as though they have come up with standard come-backs to questions they think are unimportant. I am a nurse, and I know there are times when one gets tired, busy, and very frustrated! This is not an excuse, however, to treat a patient like an uninvolved by-stander who isn't worth the extra time it takes to treat someone like a human being. In my opinion, this guy's bedside manner needs a LOT of work. If I were you, I'd get on the phone now and start looking for a new doctor!


Hannah - February 1

Ladies, thank you for your support! I really needed to hear I wasn't just hormonal... I looked into finding a new physician and at this time it seems my option is a superb doctor in the same hospital who does not take insurance. Delivery will cost me about $5000 out of pocket. Now, tell me, what do you think of that? Would you switch? that a lot of money... :(


JennyC - February 1

you're right, that is a lot of money. and if there were any complications - it could be 10 times that. It might be worth talking to your current doc about his att_tude to see if he was just having a bad day. good luck


Hannah - February 1

JennyC, this doc is not even MY doctor, he is part of the practice, in which there are four physicians... However, they all rotate and I have a 25% chance of delivering with him. I noticed that all four (including mine) have similar approach to patients, although it is difficult to imagine my doc would react in the same manner... She is very aloof and cold as well, however, and rushes through a conversation constantly... I don't know what to do... :(


JennyC - February 1

ugh, sounds like a really tough spot to be put in. I don't know what else you can do - I just know that my nephew had lots of complications and his hospital bill was $250,000 (he's 8 and a happy healthy kid now). I think you spend most of your time in L&D with the nurse anyway, the doc just comes for the actual delivery? Not sure, but that might give you a little rea__surance that even if it is the bad doc, you won't have to deal with him much. Sorry I'm no help. Keep us posted.


Kim - February 2

Hi,Hannah, yeah, 5,000 seems like an awful lot, and that's just his bill. That's not even considering the hospital charges, right? My insurance plan doesn't cover pregnancy related expenses, so we're paying out of pocket, and my dr charges 3,400 for c-sections(I am definately having one.) I thought that sounded high, but 5000 for a regular delivery is crazy! Where do you live?


Hannah - February 2

Kath, LOL, you put a smile on my face. :) Kim, $5000 is after insurance pays for some of the expenses. the doc charges $8500 for delivery plus $1200 deductible... I will only have to pay 10% of the hospital bill. This is Manhattan, where do you live? $3400 is a lot less than what they would charge here... I can't believe your insurance doesn't cover maternity at all! Jerks.



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