Excess Weight Gain

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Em - February 16

I am 6+ months now and my last visit my pract_tioner (who is overweight to say the least) told me I've gained all the weight I'm supposed to through my whole pregnancy! Then she told me that was quite enough...as if I can just stop gaining weight now with three months to go. I've always had a tendency to gain weight and for the last three years have been on weight watchers (I lost 55 pounds). You are not allowed to be on weight watchers when your pregnant (for good reason). So this woman has me stressed out about my weight which makes me want to pig out more! I just told her that I like to get things done ahead of schedule (she was not amused). Just had to vent!!!! Anyone else dealing with this?


BigBelly#2 - February 16

Yes!! I gained 35 pounds total with my son and this time so far, 32. Thing is, I started this pregnancy 15 pounds heavier than I did my first- so I was also told by my Dr. that I had gained enough a few months ago. Well......I've gained some since then but have really tried to watch it. I read somewhere that you can still do the Weight Watcher's points plan......but you get 10 points extra per day if you are pregnant or nursing. Just make sure you are getting a balanced diet and doing your best.....that's all you can do!! My nurse pract_tioner was a bit easier on me than the Dr. and said just that "Just do your best". Good luck!!


BigBelly#2 - February 16

Forgot to say I am in my 39th week!! So....looks like weight gain with both babies will be about the same.


Reb - February 16

Em, Just try to eat a variety of nutritious foods without any wasted calories. The last thing you want to do is keep the baby from getting what it needs. Did your doc give you any idea how big the baby is? If the baby is on track, it is you that will have to deal with the extra pounds once the baby is born, but don't diet now! I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and they are trying to keep my blood glucose even throughout the day - no candy or dessert for me for a while, but they are also concerned if I don't eat enough, which keeps my glucose down great, but is not good for the little one. p.s. I am 30+ weeks. Good luck.


Jill - March 31

Just a note about Weight Watchers. You are NOT supposed to do it while you're pregnant. The 10 points extra deal is only if you are a nursing mom...not for pregnancy. I would check with your dr. or nutritionist if you want to start an eating plan, not weight watchers. Just want you to stay healthy, that's all!


Em - April 1

Jill, thanks! I knew you were not allowed to be on Weight Watchers while pregnant. I will likely start the program up after Joey is born. I'm healthy and so is the baby so I'm trying not to stress about it.


Jenny - April 3

I've gained 43 lbs. already and I have another month to go. I was small when I first started 120 lbs. but now I'm huge. Weight gain varies women to women. It doesn't impact the baby, it is just that the more you gain now the harder it is to lose it after baby is born. You'll have to be committed to the weight loss after, but for now, don't sweat it.


trace - April 6

I gained 75 pounds with my son and lost it all within 6 months. Now at 39 weeks with number two, I've gained at least 65. My son was healthy at birth, I was strong and healthy, too. I lost 30 pounds before leaving the hospital. Better to gain too much weight than not enough and deprive the baby of some nutrient he/she needs!


Fabienne - April 11

Hi guys :) I'm 31 weeks pregnant and my doc too told me that I already put too much weight on. I gained 39 pounds already and still have 9 weeks to go...People around me also are very insensitive - telling me how big I am...It hurts. I try to control my eating because I'm aware that I eat too much and too often but it is hard...I try to focus on the baby and on the joy we'll have when he is born - it helps me...


Jenn... - April 11

It is good to hear that I am not the only one that has gained more weight than is usually recommended. I am 33 weeks and have gained close to 40lbs. My doctor does not seem concerned about it at all and the baby is just the size he should be, 4lbs last week! As long as I have a healthy baby- thats what matters most. I will just have to take him for many walks to loose is :)


Cindy - April 11

I'm 38 weeks and have gained 43 pounds. I know it's too much but they say the baby is going to weigh close to 9 pounds. No, you can't just stop gaining weight. In a perfect world you would have gained the right amount going along but you can't just stop without hurting yourself. Your baby will take what he needs from you. I would think you could still do the basic premise of Weight Watchers. You only need about 2200 calories a day while you are pregnant. The problem is if you eat a fast food meal, you could consume more than half of those calories in one sitting. My doctor suggested a really logical diet for pregnancy. I didn't follow it but I think I will next time. She said to eat 5 small meals a day which equal your total needed calories. Just try watching what you eat going forward and don't over stress about what your doctor says. She should say something but not in such a rude manner.


Kymmi - April 12

Hello!~ I would not worry about it. I would cut back on fast foods and snacks, but eat as much fruit and veggies as you want!! I gained 50 pounds by my 7th month!! My last pregnancy I gained a total of 70-75 pounds!! She was healthy and within several months, I lost all the weight that I put on during pregnancy. So as long as your eating habits are healthy ones, I would not worry about it.


Tasha - May 12

My story is almost just like yours. I have always struggled with weight but have kept it off for about 3 years by doing WW. I had gained back about 10 lbs already when I found out i was pregnant. I am just over 6 months and have gained about 30 lbs. I know most women gain the most in their 3rd trimester. I have really been worried about it. I have had a very healthy pregnancy and i have decided that as long as me and baby are healthy - I am happy. I don't look like I have gained that much weight. It is mostly all in belly. (even though some is in hips and thighs) I say to you, ENJOY your pregnancy! I am trying to be a little more careful about what I eat, but I am not going to stress over it.


Mimi - May 12

Well I am entering seven month and so far have gaines soem 18 kg. As far as baby is doing well I really don't care how much I am gaining or how fat I look. At the end having a baby home and taking care of her will make us loose pounds and pounds....so don't plan diet now,it is not the right time at all....


monica - May 12

I had gained 20 lbs at 20 weeks. I got worried so I started walking and avoided eating junk food. Now I have gained 22 lbs at 29 weeks. So hopefully by then end of this pregnancy I will have less than 35 lbs.


Sarah - May 13

I'm 31 weeks, and dread every appointment because the doctor says "that's not baby, it's fat". I've gained 50 lbs so far. I can't help it. I just hope it comes off after the baby is born.


Jessie - May 23

Yes I went through the same thing i weighed 116 pounds before i got pregnant, when i delivered my 8 pound son i weighed 186 pounds!! i could stop eating, everyone teels you "eat up honey your eating for 2 now!" well i did and i got Preaclampsia! So just eat Healthy but dont starve yourself. You can still go for walks a couple nights a week! Good Luck



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