Excited2bemama Rib Pain

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pueppschen - March 9

i read ur msg on the other thread abt rib pain, and i wanted to compare notes. i am 25wk and have been having since the last four weeks it has turned now to worse, earlier it was only on the left side, but now on the right too, and does not let me sleep well (worse when i sleep on my sides). during our dr.appt yesterday i asked her and she said she has never heard of anything like that(but she has always been rude and unhelpful). if u come across any info, pls do pass them on to me. i am too much in pain and would try anything.


Kristin11 - March 9

Hey dear, i am 34 weeks and 5 days and i have the rib pain all the time. I started complaining about it to my doctor at about 24 weeks or so and he basically told me sorry, there wasnt anything he could do it is just everything being compressed in there. It still hurts but i am hoping my baby will drop soon and give me some relief. Good Luck.


michelleodell - March 9

I have rib pain most usually in the evenings on my right side especially if I have done a lot of walking... Or eat too much. It feels really weird, almost like a tingling/numbing feeling w/ a lot of pressure. Early in the day my stomach seems to sit a little lower and is softer on top. In the evenings... It raises up right under my b___bs and it is sooo hard. That's when I'm really uncomfortable.


PrincessesMom - March 9

My OB is very understanding. He explained to me that your hips are far from the only thing that spread and become flexable during pregnancy, your ribs do as well. If your baby is able to puch on your ribs from the inside and does it frequently that it can be very painful. My OB compared it to having broken ribs. I was on bed rest for nine weeks which only made it worse because I could only lay on my left or right side. About a week after I got off of bed rest, they started feeling a little bit better. If you walk or stand as much as possible it will help keep the baby out from under your ribs, wrapping them with an athletic bandage helps give them a little better support, otherwise there really isn't anything that can be done. I used to cry at my weekly visits everytime they said there was nothing that could be done and they would try to talk me into a milder, safe pain medication and sleeping pill. I held out for about 6 weeks, at that point I was constantly in tears from pain and the weeks of sleepless nights. I should have done it sooner. I take a sleeping pill once every three days and it makes a whole world of a difference, I'm able to cope now and hang on 'til the end. I only take the pain meds when it puts me in tears, which isn't much now that i am allowed to get up. Good luck to all!


excited2bemama - March 9

HI Pueppschen- Yes rib pain- very strange. My doc said it was probably b/c of the uterus pushing on and forcing ithe ribcage to expand... I know my ribcage has expanded b/c I have to wear my bra's on the loosest setting and my b___bs really haven't grown much ... I have had the rib pain for over a month now. Its the worst when I am at work- sitting in front on the computer- its better when I am standing up.. Its more the L side for me but can be both sides too- If its really bothering me when I go to bed I sleep on my back.. ( doesn't seem to bother the baby any) There really isn't anything you can do for it I guess. Alot of times I will sit on the floor instead on on the couch or a chair or sit on the floor and lean against a flat wall- I am constanstly changing post_tions- but yeah its really painful- but know that you aren't alone.. and I suspect if will go away as soon as we deliver...


Tammy276 - March 9

oh, the rib pain, I feel ya...especially after I get up in the moring, they are killing me!! There really isn't much you can do for it except maybe take some tylenol or take a warm bath.......everything expands during pregnancy and we pay for it with pain!!! I have been dealing with it for weeks (I am 37 weeks now) and it is only getting worse....can't wait to have my little girl so I can have my body back!!


pueppschen - March 10

thank you ladies for all your input, I can relate to most of things you mentioned. mine is the worst at night, and i cannot lie on my sides. yesterday night was one good night, dh bought a patch ("salonpas") and it really helped. gl



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