Experienced Moms Help Me Out Post Partum Meals

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excited2bemama - March 1

So I am a planner... and I am wondering what you all do for meals post baby. I mean I usually cook and I know I won't be in the mood for a while being tired and sore and all- I don't really think friends will drop of meals b/c most of my friends with kids ( who would think os something like this) live far away (like over 2,000 miles away) so I was thinking of making some meals and throwing them in the freezer. If I do what sort of things did you all make? and approx how many meals worth did you make in advance??? ( 1 week? 2 weeks?) Any recipe ideas would be great. I was thinking of making a quiche.. any other ideas??


missycc4 - March 1

Stews, soups, Baked ziti, Lasagna,you can pre-cook hamberger meat for sloppey joes and put the meat in the ice box. you can get stuff to make sandwishes and put the meat in the ice box. The meat will last in the frig for a couple of weeks. I was thinking about doing the same thing because when my husband cooks the kids don't like his cooking lol. Well theres a few things Hope that helps


pebblesnbambam - March 1

At one of my showers my sister is having a pot luck shower. Everyone brings a meal to put in my freezer for after the baby. I have one child already so this will be my actual shower... But I just look up meals on the internet .. google - freezer meals.. and see what you get. Lasagna's, soups and precooked meats for tacos, spagetti, etc are always good. Patty up some hamburgers and freeze them so you can just grab a few and cook them up. It is going to be grilling season for us.. so I plan on alot of grill outs. Chicken b___sts, brats, hot dogs and hamburgers.


excited2bemama - March 1

Thanks ladies for your ideas. I forgot it would be warm out --- Great idea with the Grill pebbles- DH won't cook but will make anything that he can grill!!!


mary b - March 1

lol- I'm due any day and just froze 2 quiches..i plain on making a tray of lasanga too...i bought tons of frozen chicken b___sts, rice, pasta and frozen veggies.....


jendean00 - March 1

Excited...good question. I need to think of something like this too. I swear I think my husband would starve without me..or he has me trained to think that. He is the only man I know that can look at a fridge full of food and think there is nothing to eat.


excited2bemama - March 1

LOL- Jendean- I don't buy alot of prepared stuff so even if the fridge is full- there is nothing to eat unless I make something....but yeah unless I cook or at least some something easy planned that DH can throw together with my guidance we would be eating take out... which is expensive and probably not the most nutritious food out there to heal from childbirth.


nanders - March 2

I was thinking I would do pies, like chicken & beef pot pies, even some dessert ones. And I was going to make lasanga and ziti and chicken tetrazzini, maybe a soup or two, oh and I was going to pre make cookie dough and freeze it in little b___s...just place and bake. Hope this helps!!


excited2bemama - March 3

Nanders- thanks for the ideas.. I would never have thought of the cookie dough one.. and I actually love chic and beef pies.. good ideas on those too. I figure I will fill the freezer slowely..I am making a quiche for dinner tonight- so I will make 2 and throw one in the freezer..



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