Exposure To Shingles

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joy28 - February 2

I'm 32 wks and just found out my father has the shingls. I've seen him twice this week and was wondering what my risks are? Does anyone know? I looked it up online and t he one article I found said under 30 wks or within 25 days of giving birth can have problems, but does that mean I'm okay? I have a Dr appt Tues.


stefkay - February 2

joy, i am in the 2nd tri but was reading and saw this post and had to reply because I got shingles in my first trimester and was baffled by it. Noone seemed to know anything about it (even one of my doctors, ugh). Anyways as I understand shingles is basically adult chickenpox and you can ONLY get it if you had chicken pox previously (usually as a child). Once you have chicken pox it lies dormant in your body forever and can "re-emerge" as shingles. Mine was a small patch on my side and never spread. It is supposedly painful, but mine was not. My dr. put me on an antiviral medication immediately and said there should be no worries unless the blisters got spread internally (like if I touched them and then touched my eye or mouth)...I didn't have any problems and it never spread. The only way a person with shingles is contagious is to someone who has never had chicken pox though. I was told that it is VERY rare to pa__s shingles from one person to another and there is maybe a slight risk of that and only if the blisters are touched by another person and this is rare as they are only blisters for like a day or two. I kept mine covered with a large bandage. They don't know why it comes out but it was not that I caught it from someone else, they say that changes in the body like stress and pregnancy can bring it out, but again it is RARELY pa__sed from person to person. Sorry for the long ramble, hope that helped :)


joy28 - February 3

It did, Stefkay! Thanks for rea__suring me!


tish212 - February 3

my hubby got shingles when I was 2 months pregnant... the dr said it I caused by stress. he was stressed due to a mony issue and a new baby on the way... it broke ok on his right side under his arm... they say it follows a nerve path and yes I've heard its horrible painful however he never had muc pain...I called my ob and the hospital and was told by oth that as long as I had had chickn pox we were ok...so as long as uve had chicken pox u should be ok....



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