External Measurement Question

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Tillie - March 28

Yesterday my doctor measured my baby externally, as he always does, and said I'm measuring 30 weeks. I'm only 28 weeks along. At my last appointment I measured two weeks ahead, too. Does anyone know what this means, exactly? Could it mean that the baby is a bit further along that we thought, and that perhaps my due date is off?


kayla_shauntel_05 - March 28

I have been measuring three to four weeks further along. I am 31 weeks measure 34 to 35. I wish that I was farther along, I am ready to meet my daughter.


keti - March 28

I am 39 weeks now and I am currently measuring 41 and a 1/2 weeks.I have been measuring 2 weeks ahead my whole pregnancy.I don't think that it means anything significant.On my ultrasound they told me the baby is in the 50th percentile weightwise,which is average.


Rabbits07 - March 28

I have been measuring ahead also. Today I was 39 cm at 37 wks. I was this wasy with my last 2 babies and went at 37 and 38 wks. I didn't measure large with my others though and they all came between 35-38 weeks.


Tess - March 29

Nothing to worry. I had that same situation when I was 29 wks along, my dr. said im measuring 31 wks so he sked me for a scan when I was 32 wks (last friday) they looked at my fluids and the baby and it looks fine. the sonographer and the dr. coaching the lady doin the scan said that perhaps my OB measured me when the baby was in a diff. position and thats y im measuring big....Im almost 33 wks pg and last friday my baby weighs 4 lbs/6oz.


Daniella - March 30

They say give or take 2 weeks. No measurement is perfect with measuring your uterus from the outside. Don't worry!! It goes by cm. you should be withing 2 weeks from however many cm you are. Yet, as Tess said... your uterus can be larger if the baby is positioned in a certain way, etc. Stay with your original due date.. I'm sure that went along with how you measured on your ultrasound as well... the uterus measurement is just to give an estimate at the progress... if they check you today and your 28 cm and they check you at your next apt. and your the same... then they might be concerned. So, if it keeps going up as it should and is about within 2 weeks, then dont worry!! Completely normal!! Also, sometimes if you gain more weight in around your abdomen region, you may measure slightly more also. Once again, totally normal and dont worry!



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