External Version Breech Baby

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ejmeskan - September 15

Has anyone had an external version done? If so, what was your experience? How far along when it was done, what did they do, was it as painful as they say, what were the results? Thanks!


mrsbusydriver357 - September 18

i have to have 1 :( me and my midwife will talk about it on tuesday im scared!!


alirenee86 - September 18

I had to schedule a tentative c-section when a couple weeks ago my baby was breech...she said they could do the external version, but there is a risk that the placenta could separate and put you in an emergency c-section situation. Since then, my baby has gotten into the right position on his own and has been that way since. I know they also said if it's done, there's a specific time period it needs to be done, I don't remember exactly. Speak with your doctor to be sure of course. How far along are you?


ejmeskan - September 18

Thanks! I am 36 weeks, I will go in next week to have my internal and figure out if the babe is still breech, if so they will schedule the version for 37 weeks. It is closely monitored with an u/s and heart monitors, close to the OR. He said he will only do 4 attempts and if it doesn't turn they will just schedule the C. He said he will not deliver this babe breech and it is hard to find many docs in the states that will because the mortality rate of the fetus goes up dramatically.


beka81 - September 18

Ohh EJ good luck! The doc that did my u/s on Monday told me this might have to be done to me as well if the baby doesn't turn by the time it should...I never knew there were any risks.....oh mann!


ejmeskan - September 18

Thanks Beka! I think as long as you have a doc you trust, and that is confident in this procedure it is fine. My doc was so confident, saying it was a procedure he was extremely comfortable with, and was very safe. He has performed many of these procedures and just didn't even bat an eye to it. It just depends on so many things!! I am banking on the babe turning on it's own! :)


beka81 - September 25

EJ, what ever happened with this? Did the baby turn on it's own or have you had the ecternal version done? The same thing is waiting for me so i would love to hear about your experience!!


homeworkwithheather - September 25

I don't think I would ever do one....my co-worker had one done and they broke her rib and then the baby went into distress and she had to have an emergency c-section. What a tough decision...


beka81 - September 25

Ohh Jesus....it really is such a hard decision. I have two weeks to get this baby to move! Pray for me! :)


ejmeskan - September 25

Yes Beka the baby turned!!! I forgot to update!! I would actually do one (personal preference). I know people have different stories and outcomes, but I trust my doc and he was very confident in it and has performed many. There are definitely risks involved but if you have a doc who is confident in doing them and has done them before then it would be worth looking into. The procedure is done under very very close supervision with heart monitoring and ultrasound the entire time. You do have a risk of needing an emergency C but I personally would try to do the version first to at least have a chance of not having to have a C. Before 1980, four fetal deaths from external version had been reported. All of these deaths occurred in a__sociation with attempts at external version using general anesthesia. Since 1980, only two fetal deaths have been reported with external version. Both occurred without the use of fetal heart rate monitoring or ultrasonography in preterm infants in Zimbabwe. As Heather said...it is all a personal preference but I would be sure to do as much research and discuss in detail with your doc!!! Good luck!! I actually used a birthing ball -was on all fours with the ball under my chest and swayed back and forth A LOT -not sure if that turned the babe but it was turned the last appt!!



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