External Version For Breech

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Aliya - May 5

Hi has anyone here had external version to move a breech baby? please tell all, did it work? what stage of preg did you have it? how did you go on to deliver? is it really very risky, ie can it put the baby in distress and lead to emergency c-section?


Erica - May 6

Hi, Aliya! At 37 weeks along my doctor suggested that I try an ECV to flip my baby's breech position. I decided against it because I felt that there could be a number of reasons why she has taken a breech position at this point: everything from a short umbilical cord to the fact that she's just in the best position for her right now! The risks are slim, but the ECV manipulation can put a baby in distress; which is why they typically perform it in a hospital with access to a NICU, just in case baby says, "Ok, people, I'll show you...I'll come out NOW!" They monitor the baby's heartrate throughout the procedure to keep an eye on this. As far as the comfort level goes, my doctor had told me that ECV wasn't a comfortable procedure but shouldn't be a painful one, either. Some doctors administer a drug to relax the uterus and make the manipulation easier, but my doctor was not one of them - he felt that an absence of drugs would ensure that he didn't push on the belly too hard (because Momma would certainly tell him so!) Best of luck to you in this; my little one's still in her "frank breech" position here at 38 weeks, so only time will tell if she moves! ;)


Katharine - May 6

I had the external version. I'll have to look back to see what week it was (it was with my first pregnancy. I was really scared about all the things that could go wrong and my husband wanted me to just go for the c-section. My doctor was so confident in the doctor doing the procedure, though, that I went ahead with it. I went to the hospital and was given a muscle relaxant to relax my uterine muscle(s?). I got to practice my breathing and focusing exercises during the procedure. An ultrasound was done to determine the exact position of the baby and the doctor manuvered her hands under the back and b___t, I think. She was able to flip her very easily. It didn't hurt much at all, but the sensation of a baby that big truly flipping inside me was pretty crazy. I had to stay at the hospital, I think for a few hours, to make sure the procedure didn't kick me into labor. She didn't flip back and was born v____ally with no problems. I was so happy with the doctor who did the procedure, that she is my OB this time around. My sister-in-law also had the procedure, but they didn't use a muscle realxant (OUCH!!!!) and it hurt and didn't work. I don't know how it would work without one, since the uterus is holding the baby in place so tightly. My doctor has told me that I have a higher chance of my second baby being in breech position, since the first was (shape of uterus and pelvis can contribute to position). I would certainly have the version again, if necessary, but would ask the doctor to stop if it was extremely painful, or it didn't feel "right".


Katharine - May 8

I had mine at 35 weeks.


Maria - June 5

I'm having mine this Tuesday on the 7th. Im nervous and I will demand a muscle relaxer.


Bryan - June 6

Our baby is 36 weeks and breech. I do not want to do anything un-natural. I figure if he is in this position, then that is where he likes it. Wife and I have talked it over and will opt for a c-section if he does not flip on his own.


BBK - June 6

Our baby was transverse till two weeks ago (32nd) but turned. We don't know whether the long walks or the music helped..... We had decided we would not have ECV since it poses some risks, may not work, and the baby may even go back and go for a c-section if she remained transverse.



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