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ry - March 1

Hi guys! Have any of you had an external version for a breech baby? i have read about them and seen them on tv and am terrified of it! i am almost 35 weeks with a breech baby. when i return to my doctors in 2 weeks they will perform this if baby has not turned or they will schedule a c section- i dont want either!!! Anyways i told my doctor i was scared of it because it hurt so bad and she said "no it doesnt!" i am unconvinced. Anyone got any info or experiences to share with me?


Celine - March 2

This is my first pregnancy so I have never experienced it myself... but I have heard that there is a specific chiropractic adjustement that can be done to help the baby turn around and it is not painful at all. Hope this helps.


Kel - March 2

I seen it on tv as well and it looked painful. My baby is breech as well ry! If she is still breech at my appointment next week (36 weeks) we'll be scheduling a c-section. At this point, I don't mind how she comes I just want her here. My doctor did talk about turning her, but he said he won't do it on me becasue this is my first birth. He said it I had other babies and all were v____al, he would consider it. Of course, if I wanted it, he would do it. But I'll pa__s. He said if he were to do it, he would give me an epidural first so I wouldn't feel anything, and he would do it in the hospital so labor could begin right after. I know that most of them end up in emergency c-sections because the baby's heartrate can sometimes drop. Hope that helps a little bit.


ry - March 2

oh my god kel, i wish my doctor had the same att_tude! i told mine i was scared to have it done and she completely brushed me off and never mentioned anything about pain relief-just told me "oh it doesnt hurt that bad!" Turn babies turn!!!


Laurabelle - March 2

My baby turned breech at 30wks. At almost 35 wks he was back into a head down position. I have been seeing a chiropractor throughout my pregnancy and at 34wks he started doing the Webster Technique to help the baby turn. Well...it worked! After just a couple of times he turned! All you do is lay on your back for about a minute and the chiropractor puts a very light pressure on a certain spot on your abdomen. Its very light - doesn't hurt at all. It helps to loosen up the ligament that then helps to loosen the pelvis so that the baby has more room to turn. I would definitely give it a try - especially if the alternative is a C-section! Good luck! Hope your babies all turn very soon! I know the stress and worry it can cause! I was in tears over it when my baby was confirmed breech and the chiropractor started this technique. Lo and behold the weekend I Was in tears over it was the same time he was slowly turning. :)


to all - March 2

Breech babies can turn right up on into labor. Actually, only 4% of pregnancies wind up truly being breech. Give it some time.


rhonda - March 7

hi all little one is lying straight across belly has been , like this for the past 6 weeks, I will be 32 week on Saturday, I have heard that turning the baby can cause some complications for the little one, doctor said at last appointment baby is about 3 pounds.


Kristen - March 7

I am 37 wks today and this past Friday I had the version done. I denied the epidural that they wanted to give me. It took me 15 min. to decide whether or not I wanted it. I was at the hospital and I was semi expecting to go into labor, but I didn't. The procedure was 20min long and they tried 3 times to turn the baby. My baby would not turn. The baby the whole time was on a monitor for HR and they used ultrasound the whole time. The DR. said that the baby was so relaxed and could care less what we were doing, her HR didn't change a bit. I have a very high pain tolerance and I want to tell you that it is very painful. But as soon as they stop the pushing all the pain is gone. It is also not a non-stop process. They push for awhile then give you and baby a break before starting again. I have a frank breech baby and she just wouldn't turn, her head kept slipping back to place after she was moved. I was very glad that I didn't have the epidural b/c I didn't have to wait at the hopital all day for it to wear off after an unsuccessful version. I just had to wait an hr. to monitor the baby. I did however have some minor contractions for about 1/2 hr. afterwords but they stopped. I am scheduled for a c-section for March 17th and I feel better knowing that I tried the turning. This will be my 3rd girl. My other 2 were natural deliveries. The 1st with and epidural. The 2nd with absolutly no drugs or anything, I was in the hospital 25 min. No time for it.. Good luck in what you choose. I say if you really don't want a c-section to definatly do it. If you really don't care and are really hesitant, then don't. It's a 50%chance of baby turning then a 50%chance of baby turning back. Oh, one more thing make sure you ask about being binded up afterwords if your baby turns and you don't go into labor.


Nerdy Girl - March 7

check out the c-section forum under "doctor attempting to turn baby"



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