Extreme Lower Back Pain

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Evonna - May 5

Well yesterday, i had this really bad lower back pain all the way to my upper thighs where i wasn't able to walk, it was so bad that walking made it worse and i couldn't stand too long. But when i sat down, the pain disappears. It's weird because i didn't not have any contractions whatsoever. I kind of was scared and has cried because i had no clue what was happening. I was home alone at the time and it lasted for an half an hour. I was wandering has anyone experience such pain.


San - May 5

I had the same thing happen to me the other day. Back pain started around 4-ish, shooting around to the front. I was in tears walking around hunched over trying to get it to stop. After 2 hrs I had myself completely freaked out as this was how I went into labour with my first, but I'm only 33 weeks. So off to the hospital I go where they told me I wasn't in labour but good for coming in to put my mind at ease. Wish I could put my back at ease, lol...I'm still getting pretty intense pain but not for as long. How far along are you?


Evonna - May 5

OMG, yes that is exactly what i went through. I was also walking around literally hunched over trying to get it to stop. After the whole situation being over with, i couldn't stop thinking about if it was some sign of preterm labor or something else. I am 26 weeks pregnant San. I know, i am not even close to my due date, that's why i was scared to death because i wasn't even far along.


LollyM - May 6

I get that too and it sucks! It hurts so bad that my fiance has to help me to the bathroom sometimes at night =( Make sure to sleep with a body pillow between your legs (the WHOLE LEGNTH OF THEM) in order for your joints to be straight and my Dr. says to alternate hot and cold ice packs to soothe it.


torbman - May 6

Hi Evonna, not too sure if this is it, but I just read the other day that if the baby is turned a certain way, like their nose towards your spine that it can cause intense pain for the Mom. Not sure if thats it but maybe look into it. Hope this helps.


Evonna - May 6

I'll try that lolly, and thanks torbman...i'll look into that as well.


rachel_renee_20 - May 8

sounds like what happened to me the other day I had to call off of work because it just got progressivly worse. Sounds like what i've been told back labor is like but how do you tell the difference


Evonna - May 9

true @ rachel


ash2 - May 9

i went to the hospital last night because of this. the doc. said my baby was probally lying on a nerve.



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