EXTREMELY Itchy Skin Anyone Else

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dueJan1607 - January 11

for the past week I've been dealing with horrible itchy skin around my ankles, upper legs, belly, and upper arms. ANyone else having this problem. I've taken a lot of warm baths lately but I always make sure I put some sort of moisturizer or oil in the water....it's sooooooo annoying, I can't sleep at night. My husband has moved to the couch! Any suggestions?


lilnikki_0384 - January 12

I have the same problem in the same areas and I don't know what causes it. I know exactly how you feel. Sorry I don't have an answer for you.


cindernar - January 12

I developed this problem after my last baby, and I eventually developed a rash. I finally went to the doctor, and it's a fungal infection called tinea versicolor. The doc gave me some Diflucan and told me to bath with Selsun Blue because it has sulfur in it. Of course, it smells like rotten eggs, so I'm paranoid that I smell like a fart all day long. Anyway, it seems to be helping. That may not be what you have, though. Maybe it's that PUPP thing. Have you tried Gold Bond lotion or Aveeno lotion and oatmeal baths? Maybe that would help some.


silencingtearsofhope - January 13

oh gosh yes I itch like crazy all the time and nothing seems to help it. I drown my skin in lotion everyday and I still itch. I have no rash tho and my dr. said I just have to put up with it for now!


Alison - January 13

I had itchy skin with my DD when I was pregnant and the midwife tested to make sure my liver was ok as itchy skin can be related to that apparently. I did have a raised liver enzyme but not enough to be a conern. Sometimes the itchy skin is just from the stretching. I'm sorry it has been so bad for you, I used to scratch SO hard and my DH told me off lots! Have you asked the doc about it? Hope it eases soon for you xxx



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