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Lisa A - April 27

I am currently 41 weeks, and my doctor told me that if I don't deliver before Sunday May 1 that he will induce me on Monday May 2, which in fact scares the h__l out of me! The thought of forcing your body to do something it may not be ready to do really bothers me! I know that there might be more problems if I go beyond then. Any advise or stories would be greatly appreciated! Best of luck to you all!!!!


Stephanie - April 27

If you are in the mood, I would try and have s_x every night to see if that helps you go into labor. Also, you should go for some walks, if you feel like it to help. Your doctor will probably break you water first to see if your body is able to start the labor process on it's own. I suppose if it does not, then medicine will be given. (I can't really help much there because I did not have to take any). My best guess is that if you have had a healthy pregnancy for the past 41 weeks, you'll be fine, it's just scary. Good luck!!!


Toya - April 27

I understand your concern. I do not wish to be induced either...like Stephanie said...s_x every night and lay down afterwards, so that the s____n can work on the cervix. Also, do a lot of walking...the baby's pressure on your cervix releases prostaglandins. Try to walk up hills...just try not to roll down. :) Thought I'd throw some humor in there.


C - April 27

I feel your pain. Usually doctors will do tests (I think she called it biomedical feedback) on the baby to see if he/she's under stress. I had this done yesterday at 40 weeks 2 days. She checked because of my blood pressure and protein in my urine. They first do an internal exam, ultra sound, and then a non stress test. This should be able to tell them if the baby is thriving inside of you or not. Although, I have heard about some states mandating inducing at the end of 42 weeks. Not sure how true that is or not. I would do your research because I can't see anyone being forced without there being a good reason to induce. I'm being induced becasue of my blood pressure but otherwise my doctor would not be inducing me before I went naturally. I'm also scared.


Kymmi - April 27

Well, I do understand your concern,,,, being induced is no fun at all, however, neither are the problems women have experienced by going too far over either! I would say just as these girls have said,,,,, s_x and TONS of walking. You have a good chance of your body doing it naturally anyway, so just hang in there and try not to stress too much!!


nelly - April 27

i too had to be induced my daughter was a week late i was in labor for about 19 hours and i had a pretty smooth labor i never had any horrible pain b/c i had an epidural i only had to push for about 5 minutes and she was born healthy neither one of us had any problems.


Kara - April 27

There are some advantages to being induced. At least you know when it is going to happen. Babies that stay in too long can have cracked skin, and may pa__s their first stool inside you. They can inhale this bowel movement and end up with lung problems. I guess I would be more worried more about the the babies health and well being than my own discomfort. But that is just me. I have also heard though that your baby is not considered overdue until you hit the 42 week mark. Some people say it will happen when the baby is ready, and not to worry. I would trust my doctor.


Lisa A - April 28

I have tried the s_x, and the walking (somewhat). Walking seems to be uncomfortable since I started waddling and then there's the whole gravity issue. I guess if he was ready to come out, he'd be here. I'm just afraid that he just might not be ready. The doctor is not doing any more tests. I just have to be at the hospital at 7 am on Monday. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?


Kymmi - April 29

Well, as uncomfy as it may seem to walk, do it~ Or at least try to do some things around the house to keep you busy.


Melissa - April 29

I took 1 ounce of castor oil with some orange juice and had my son 12 hours later, about 6 weeks ago. He is my 3rd. I tried this with my 2nd and it did nothing. But, this time I was obviously ready. It is a natural induction option that you may want to think about trying. Good Luck!


Lisa A - April 29

I am always doing stuff around the house, I have two daughters to take care of also, so there is very little sitting around doing nothing. As for the castor oil - well that just makes me nervous! Some ladies on the sight swear by it and others say not to chance it. Monday is right around the corner so I'll just wait until then. I just want to know how many others have been induced and how was it? Is it as horrible as I've heard?


Melissa - April 30

Lisa A, Pitocin is not fun, I'll be honest with you. But, everyone reacts differently to it. My first child was induced and it was a very hard labor that I had to have an epidural with to cope. It is synthetic contractions that tend to be more intense than natural contractions. But, some woman can handle it just fine. A good friend of mine was induced recently and she got through it with no drugs! This is almost unheard of with an induction. I hope things go well for you and your baby and remember, the most important thing is you both are healthy and happy. Good Luck!



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