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Nurs2b21 - October 24

I was just wondering if anybody else is feeling this way or if anyone knows if this is normal....my body hurts so bad...mainly it is my ribs. They are so sore and hurt so bad. It hurts to touch them. I've tried soaking in the tub to help take away the soreness but nothing helps. My back is killing me too! I just feel like my body is falling apart..lol. I mentioned it to my midwife and she said that the ribs expand and thats why they hurt...but gosh....it really hurts.


Nurs2b21 - October 25



falafal0 - October 26

I'm with you Nurs2b21 except it's my pelvis taht is falling apart, not my ribs. I cal feel two the twoseparet joints of my pubic bone adn hear them clikcing and grinding when moving. it's horrible, the worst pain with PGP nad SPD I've experienced. Unfortuantely, I don't think there's much you can do about your ribs. As baby contoinues to grow, i'd say it's even gets wosre, hopefully getting better when he drops down. I'm sorry it's so sore and painful for you. im my feeling sorry monents for myself and why did i egt into this again times, i'll think of you!


AntsWife - October 26

With me it's my back that kills me so I have a hard time laying down, my side if i lean on it too long, my pelvis- that's a 24/7 issue, my stomach is sore and when I try to sleep I get the restless leg syndrome that won't let me sit still- and since it's hard to turn that really bites! Oh- and since day one, I can't breathe- it's only getting worse now. Don't get me wrong, the little guy is so worth it, but sometimes, I just sit on the couch and whine about how uncomfortable I am. Good luck!!


Nurs2b21 - October 26

My pubic bone is the same way too! When I turn over in bed I feel it grinding and stuff...yuck! Antswife....I know how you feel with the restless leg syndrome. I have that too. I get to where I don't even want to try to sleep anymore because it's such a chore. I think all this is totally worth it too but I do sit and whine sometimes too...haha...I think we have the right!


misshipz - October 26

Damn, it's my ribs, my pelvis, my knees and feet, and now my hands are starting to go now too!! last night was the worst night of sleep i have ever had and i just dont know when its gonna end! my doctor says its just czuse of weight gain...but i dont know if i can handle much more of this!


mrssolo - October 26

I have the worst pains in my ribs like a rubber band snapping and a stabbing pain. Then my back aches I can't sleep and I can't change positions last night everytime I moved I yelled out ouch and dh was getting concerned. Then lets see the feet are super swollen and the hands ache like I have the worst arthritis and the pelvic pressure and pain is getting intorerable. I have been having trouble breathing and it is getting worse with the rib pain. I'm trying to hang in but it seems like I might fall apart before these babies come.


tish212 - October 26

my biggest problem is the pain in my back and hips....and the constant strain I feel when my stomach gets in the way. sleeping a full nite is a thing of the past....I grunt and whine as I roll over at nite....I grunt and moan when I have to get up from sitting...most times I feel like I might be stuck and have to strain and strain to get up. and the breathing thing....hmmm what's that I haven't been able to walk across my house w/o losing my breath ...and baby causes me to get kidney infections...pregnancy isn't it just blissful...lol worth it in the end...but I'd like to see a man try it....lol


Nurs2b21 - October 26

My baby keeps hitting my hip bones and it really hurts. I'll be glad when all this is over. Haha I agree Tish..I'd like to see a man do it too!


tish212 - October 26

yeah I keep telling dh that I'd love for him to be the next one to carry a child...to give me a break....lol he said no.... but I would love to see a man deal with this...I bet they'd respect us more .... :)



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