Extremly Bad Pain In Pelvic Area

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cyndrz632 - April 12

I am 28 weeks and for the past two weeks ihave been having constant pain in my pelvic area..i know its normal to have cramps and stuff but this is like really bad pain.....i can barely walk..when i sit down and i go to get up i almost start crying it hurts so bad...and when i walk its worse..and when im laying down and i go to roll over it hurts really bad to....is this normal??


fatinha - April 12

I remember having some pelvic pain, but when I changed positions it would subside and go away. If I was you I would call my OB or go to the hospital. It doesn´t hurt to check...


^lucy^ - April 12

ligaments start to stretch around that time.. im 34 weeks today.. but i would suggest to call ur dr and tell them about it.. just to be on the safe side.. good luck


Kiddolebel - April 12

Im having the exact same pain as you. Its so excruciating that it makes sleeping impossible! I asked my ob about it yesterday and she is sending me to a physical therapist. Ask you ob about possibly doing that. Im sooo sorry you are going through the same thing..I know exactly how you feel. =( Hang in there.


Daytona - April 13

I started getting those at around 39 weeks..i still get them..i am now a day over my due date..they happen mostly when im lying in bed and change positions..or when ive been sitting and get up to walk..they are quite painfull at times. I figured they were just the baby pressing on parts down there.?


julia - April 19

i have been suffering with this too i was sent to pysio and was told all muscles had relaxed to get ready for birth and to do lots of pelvic floor excercises i had it with my last child and i have the comfort to know as soon as the baby is out i dont suffer anymore hang on in there its worth all the pain good luck


Kiddolebel - April 19

How long did you have it till your baby was born? Im getting induced at 37 weeks either way but was just HOPING she'd come before.


camgray02 - April 20

I'm nearly 28 weeks, and i have the same pain, esp on my right hip and and under the pubic area.. Walking and standing has become so difficult that my husband got me a walking cane.. the cane helps remove some weight off my hip, so i hope the pain wont get any worse.. And i will do some of that perlvic exercises as julia is doing.. Good luck with all of us, hang in there! :)


julia - April 20

i started with the pain at about 20 weeks apparently the more kids you have the worse it gets you could see about getting a fembrace there suppose to help but there not to be worn at night which is when i was in agony i am now nearly 39 weeks and have alot less pain although still find it hard getting out of bed at night i find sleeping on my left side with a huge pillow between my legs help with one behind my back and one under bump be sure to get your other half sleeping in spare room as you will get a much better sleep if you dont have to worry about waking them every time you try and move hope you all find these things help i really do feel for you good luck



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