Face Breaking Out Again In The 3rd Tri

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Angiconda - June 6

I know my face broke out during my 1st tri, but now in the 2nd tri everything was fine. I have never had bad acne but now my face is starting to break out again in the 3rd tri is this normal or has anyone else experienced this?


JessDT - June 6

i have been dealing with the same thing. and it is aggravating! i, like you, never really had and problem with acne before but durning this pregnancy it's been nuts! in my book, 'What to Expect when Your Expecting' it says you get and increased secretion of oils brought about by hormonal changes. some suggestions to keep them to a minimum is drink lots of water, water helps keep your skin moist and clear. wash your face 2-3 times a day, use oil-free moisturizer and choose skin-care products and make-up labeled "noncomedogenic"which means they won't clog your pores. i've been doing all of this and it has helped, but i still have a couple of breakouts here and there, which just gives me one more reason to be a little tired of being pregnant. i can't wait till my baby is born!! only a couple more weeks for me!! good luck!


dee23 - June 6

yes me too! ive got around 5 pimples on my chin! i never get them either...ahh the joys


Chrissythefairy - June 6

my forhead is breaking out and my chin like under my chin its weird. Feel like im back in high school. I have good days and bad days sometime my skin looks beautiful then others i see all these little white heads. I think its due to oil clogging my pores, so ive been constanly using a astrengent toner, seems to work


Lorikap - June 6

I have always had some trouble with my skin. But pregnancy hormones definitely have not helped the situation; especially in this last trimester. I wonder how quickly things clear up after birth? 'Cause our hormones will be on a roller coaster for a while longer.


Mingill - June 6

My forehead and in between my eyebrows have started to break out again. My DH is positive it's the pregnancy hormones, I guess I'm in denial because I've been blaming the hot weather. Darn, I thought I was done with the acne thing.


mishy - June 7

Know what? I broke out in the days immediately following birth.. looked FANTASTIC in the first shots of mum and baby together.. not!!! I broke out all the time first pregnancy but never this second time round.. fingers crossed they stay away! :P


SuzieQ - June 7

For me, it's a water thing. If I don't drink enough,then I get a breakout. A few days of good hydration usually clears things up for me thankfully, except then I have to pee all the time....


livdea - June 7

I've been broken out the whole nine months. The only thing that helped was a prescription my ob gave me...benz/clyn. worked well for me, he had given me some others that didn't work b/c my acne was BAD. I went to a b___stfeeding cla__s last night and all the other women had beautiful skin...I was so jealous! Mine isn't as bad but it's still not perfect like before! GR! HORMONES!



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