Failed 2 Tests So Far

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ITSABOY - July 9

Everyone has already probobly forgotten about me.I read all the post everyday but i only have internet at work and at my desk i can read but not respondSo to remind everyone i am 32 weeks pregnant with a boy,tried for 8 months to get pregnant so very happy about him comming,due date sept 3rd but i am worried bc i had my sugar test wed and failed it so i go back tommorow to take the 3 hr one,i also failed the strep b test and i am worried about both of these i have read that they are not very serious but i am still worried bc i was a 9 pound baby so was my husband and i have heard gd can cause the baby to be big.I will write back we soon we have a computer in our break area i can use.


Patti - July 9

Yes, GD can cause big babies, but it's not a given. Also, don't lose hope with the glucose test. I failed my 1 hr. w/ 172, yet pa__sed the 3 hr. w/ flying colors. The group b strep should be fine because they will give you antibiotics during labor to prevent it being pa__sed to the baby. Good luck!


Soontobemom - July 10

I failed my 1 hr. test also b/c my doc didn't tell me I had to fast for it... errr! Then sent me for the 3 hr. test and I pa__sed with flying colors.... wait til you get the 3hr. done before you start to panic/worry.


Tanna - July 11

Soontobemom, you don't have to fast for the one hour, it can be either or. You do have to fast for the three hour, which you already know now : ) ITSABOY, I failed my one hour with this preg. but pa__sed my three hour also, so you may be o.k. with that. WIth my first two i had GD and had to follow diabetic diet and test sugar levels all the time. Yes, it's a pain, but it does go away as soon as baby is born.


jane - July 11

first of all congrats on your pregnancy after trying can i just say i was born 9lb 13 oz my babies were 2lb 1oz prem of course 7lb 4oz 7lb 6oz i thoght i was ganna have big babies it all depends if your partners big too good luck


Angiconda - July 11

I also failed my 1st test and pa__sed the 3 hour test. I would not worry until you get the results just 1 more thing to stress you out. Strep B isn't that big of a deal is what I was told it just mean they have to give you antibiotics during delivery so you dont pa__s it to the baby. I am sure everyhting will be fine try not to worry and stress yourself out. Good Luck with your 3 hour test.


boolie79 - July 11

just curious as to what makes them decide to do these tests? i have never been offered this ( i am 32 weeks) is there signs/symptoms that drs look for before they offer these tests??


Revel - July 11

the diabetese test is mandatory i thought and your uppose to do it around 28 weeks id ask your dr about that...the gbs test iosnt done till like 36 weeks usually adn isnt always done sometimes they just give antibiotics just in case


Mingill - July 11

Itsaboy, yes g/d can cause large babies, but it happens less if they diagnose it in time and control it. It's the excess sugar in your blood that goes directly to baby and makes baby grow. Think of eating a diet that consisted mostly of cupcakes and you'd grow too. I have g/d and at my last u/s 3 weeks ago (28 weeks), baby was still normal size, but I haven't quite gotten all my sugars under control yet, so I have another u/s this week to check. The Strep b test, now that they know you have it, they can treat it with antibiotics and you're baby won't get sick when he's born. Both these tests are important to find out early, so the doctors can monitor and plan for baby's arrival. You'll be fine. Hope you pa__s your 3hr g/d test.


AmyB - July 11

i have had 2 children and pg with my 3rd...both times i flunked my 1 hour and then my 3 hour was fine so dont be to concerned! also step b dosent really mean a whole lot just that you need to have antibiotics ran through before you deliver! good luck!


ITSABOY - July 12

Thankyou all so much for the support and advise you all helped me so much.I got my results I PASSED but the nurse said the results were 160 she said that is boderline does anyone know how bad that is or anyone have this score?I am not worried anymore about however they did another strep b test and said it is worse so they are giving me antibiotics for 2 weeks just like last time,i dont know why i dont just get them when i go into labor but the doc says i have a large growth of the bacteria.I am going to take these antibiotics just like the doc tells me to bc i hate taking pills and last time i will admit i did not finish them nor take them like i was suppose to.Thanks for all you help everyone was so helpful.


gracie - July 12

Hi with my first pregnancy I failed the first glucose test and the strep B test. I did pa__s the 3 hour and was fine for the rest of my pregnancy. I had a csection so the strep B didnt matter. With this pregnany I once again failed the glucose but pa__sed the 3 hour. However I was suprised as I dont have the strep B. The doctors said it comes and goes, but I sorta didnt believe them and figured I would always have some wierd thing down there, but a las I was proven


CaliTrish - July 12

ITSABOY, for the 3-hr Glucose Tolerance Test, you should have four different glucose levels. You are usually diagnosed with GD if you fail two of them. Normal levels should be Fasting: 70-115 mg/dL, 1-hr: < 200 mg/dL, 2-hr: < 140 mg/dL, and 3-hr: 70-115 mg/dL. A level of 160 being borderline doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps, your 2-hr level was your only high reading?



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